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  1. I would pay to take that sightseeing tour, breathtaking scenery that can only be ten times better in RL. Thanks for the tour Frank, always nice to see that old flying tin can too.
  2. Hanging Judge, Isaac Charles Parker (October 15, 1838 – November 17, 1896)
  3. Maverick, is that you? Hope all is well by you and yours John, welcome back. Pancakes
  4. Great story and I give credit to John and Susan for holding their tongue, I would have been a bunch more verbal. Thanks for the look Frank.
  5. as of yesterday it was Director Wray of the F.B.I, Delusive
  6. A lot of things went wrong on that one, sad state of affairs. Must have been tough on the pilots emotionally since they survived, can't begin to imagine it. Was that a typo, at 0:55, of the word passengers (passendes) or is that a spelling of one of the languages in PNG, in Tok Pisin the spelling would have been 'Pasindia' but I'm sure there are many different dialects spoke there. Thanks for the look at this particular accident Frank, we all can learn a bunch from them. The fact that with feathering they might have been able to glide to Madang was an eye opener.
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