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  1. Happy Birthday, Brett! And, to celebrate, I flew your Pinnacle Mission - Great Stuff! Here we are delivering our final package: When, suddenly, we have an emergency call-out: To a highway accident in the hills: Get the injured to hospital - Pronto! And return to base (I won't mention the rogue bear!): And a successful end to an exciting mission: Thanks, Brett - great to try that one again. By the way, it's in our Hangar Library, here: http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/907-the-pinnacle/ Cheers - Dai.
  2. After 2 weeks of BSDs I decided that overheating could be a problem, knocked out a couple of panels front and back and it's never been so quiet. No problems since, looks like it's been running hot since it arrived, only 6 years! Bit draughty around my feet now though. Headphones had also been one sided for some time, while I was at it I'd knocked the jack plug and the end had broken off inside, that was a real devil to get out. Back up and running down the Blue Ridge.
  3. I am considering the purchase of a high-end laptop to run FSX. I would like to connect with my flatscreen-TV with wireless-HDMI. Can I get a reasonable sim experience with this set-up?
  4. Hi fellow simmers I installed some extra ORBX airports into FSX in which I have ORBX AU also and everything is gorgeous BUT when flying in Air Hauler the runway lights are not visible from the air! If I zoom right down to the runway I can actually see them but they look as if they're underground!? the airports are YCNK Cessnock and YSCB Canberra. Any idea's?
  5. Hi guys, A few shots from tonight's quick wiz round the sky, enjoy! Cheers, Sam.
  6. Hi Guys, A recent landing of mine in the DC-9 nearly ended in disaster got a bit low & slow on short finals. Applied full throttle & nearly ended up landing a quarter of the way down the runway!! Cheers, Sam.
  7. I'm seeing a strange effect in the on-screen FSX menu. Has anyone seen this before? The screenshot is the top left corner of my FSX (window mode). Any ideas as to what's causing it? It is not happening all the time and I'm not able to correlate it with any particular aircraft. Doesn't affect the performance of the menu.
  8. Painting the kitchen ceiling held priority over flying today but still stole two short loops during coffee breaks.
  9. SIM720 announced today the release of their latest product Augutsa Airport (KAGS) This interesting airport in Georgia has a long history dating back to WWII where it was a flight training school, now it’s a regional hub for commercial flights. Used by US Airways and Delta. It also sees a surge in traffic for the Masters Golf tournament. Features High-res ground polygon. Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution). Hand placed hi-res buildings within airport boundaries. Animated People. Extensive library of airport clutter. Accurate taxiway lanes. Custom made static aircraft. Cust
  10. Here's a trailer for an FSX mission that Brett and I worked on some time ago that I've updated: https://vimeo.com/95997614 If you'd like to try the mission, you can download it from here: https://app.box.com/files/0/f/0/1/f_17351268331 Cheers - Dai.
  11. SIM720 Studios announced today the release of their latest product Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA) This is a great airport - over 80 buildings modelled, Interior perspective on the buildings (believed to be a world first), animated people, and 2 millimetre / pixel tiled texture on the taxiways and runways. All of this has been achieved without affecting the frame rate performance. Features High-res ground polygon. Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution). Hand placed hi-res buildings within airport boundaries. Animated People. Custom auto-gen buildings outside the airport bounda
  12. Hey guys, Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with my FSX. I had it running fine for about 2 years without a single error, then PMDG released their 777 then that's when all the issues started. To put it simply, I can't fly any long haul flights due to the fact that I get the dreaded 'Your computer has run out of memory' error when around FL060. I must emphasize that even when I'm monitoring the VAS usage when descending and I notice it's getting to the 3.7/8 mark, Lowing settings literally does nothing at all. I have done a few tweaks that have allowed me to just about complete fli
  13. If you've not seen this before, well you're missing out: Pretty good, eh? Cheers - Dai.
  14. Hi everyone, My old Windows XP machine was chugging along with its 150 GB hard drive and I noticed only the other day that it was getting near to full with all my home made scenery. So I decided to simple copy and paste the FSX across to my external USB Verbatim hard drive. Then I opened this up and found the fsx.exe folder and put a link on the desk top. OK I now have a new FSX icon on the desk top so holding my breath I pressed the icon and FSX sprung into action. I tested it out and noticed that the flights load faster and flying the stock Cessna 172 is very smooth at 20 FPS
  15. I seem to remember (back in the days of FS5!) that there were several aircraft carriers in the basic MS Flight Simulator (ie with no addons) ... south of Hawaii, and just off the coast from San Francisco, if my memory holds up ...... do any forum members know if there exist now any carriers in MS FSX ......... ??? David
  16. I researched the forum posts here on Mutley's to see if I could find a solution - there are a couple of references, but nothing specific to my problem. I loaded a new 3rd party airport (CYYJ_2011) into FSX yesterdy and started getting the following error: So I went looking and found the reference in my ....\FSX\Scenery directory i the Scenery.CFG file - here's what it looks like (note the Area.117 heading): I reasoned that all I'd have to do is either: 1. Change the line "Active=True" to "Active=False" 2. Remove (comment out) the whole block of code under the [Area.1
  17. patrico


    Hi guys, jut a quick update. I haven't been on Mutley's much lately, as I have been very busy with my complicated problems. The good news is that, after installing W8.1 seems to have fixed my Saitek joystick problems. I appreciate everyone trying to help me by giving me their various tweaks, but the problem that I encountered was that a particular tweak that may work for one person, does not for another as each system is set up entirely different. So with a lot of perseverance and some hockus pocus of (tweaks that I do not understand) I think that I have the system up and running for me, but
  18. Hi all! We are currently looking for some enthusiastic Flight Simulator X players to put our brand new dedicated FSX PC keyboard to the test! The keyboard is still in very preliminary stages of development so we would love your help, input and feedback into its creation. You will be rewarded for your time by receiving the final product free of charge for you to use and enjoy many more successful flights of the future. If you use FSX and would like to be involved in this exciting project - please either contact me by email (giles@editorskeys.com) or follow this link to BETA Group - http://w
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