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  1. And so I wake bleary eyed after not being able to catch much sleep the night before (someone thought it would be funny to fly a chinook around the airport at 4am!). It was once again my turn to take the baton and progress the challenge to the next stage. I knew that it had been coming and had planned on using a DC6, until Kasper bagged it. After a bit of head scratching I decided to take the Lockheed Electra, she is great for cargo and this is one precious piece of cargo that I am hauling! I wanted to get a nice early start to beat the morning rush, so with coffee in hand I jumped into
  2. Great stuff Dai. I'll get mine posted tomorrow
  3. From a bean counter's point of view the VAT issue alone would have been a nightmare in terms of admin and time taken to get everything in order. I can understand the reasons for it i.e Amazon and other companies based in low VAT countries, but little (if any) thought has been given to smaller traders. Hopefully Orbx can do something to keep them in the FS world
  4. Nice leg Brian, looked a wee bit scary
  5. Great flight Kasper, the weather in Scotland this time of year is very challenging for flying
  6. Great leg everyone, the 6th installment is off to a fantastic start
  7. Learn it and love it. Superb aircraft. No Matthew one each flight is that I make in it I love it
  8. That looks better (graphically) that the iris tomcat I reviewed for computer pilot a few years ago
  9. Easily my favourite aircraft from the last couple of years
  10. I'm currently using the X55 Rhino and love it, although it isn't the cheapest on the market. The customisation options are endless. You can set up a different profile of control options for every aircraft in your hangar if you wanted, and switch to them at a click of a button. It's also very easy to reprogram the buttons on the fly too. I upgraded from an X52 that I had been using for 10 years, it was well used. I'd go so far as to say it was bulletproof! I can't recommend either of these joysticks highly enough
  11. Whilst I've not read any of the above replies, my initial thought would be to run a mile from something like this. I've seen it all too often in the real world where companies offer a 'savings plan' for people to pay into through the year with the promise of discounted items etc... around xmas time. Only for the company to mysteriously vanish just before people want to take their money/gifts back. Of course, this could all be above board and they have the best intentions and run by respectable people, but I'd be very wary
  12. They should get rid of it anyway. Robbing......
  13. I've got 3 OnePlus One phone invites to give away (you still need to pay for the phone!) If you've not heard about the phone it is being called the 'Flagship Killer' and getting hold of one is quite difficult due to the invite system. I have the phone and it is as good as they say, and then some. These invites don't have long left before the expire so if you want one please contact me ASAP scotty12 [at] gmail [dot] com I'll send you the invite then you have 24 hours (I think) to claim and purchase the phone.
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