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  1. no problems Rob...i must have too much time on my hands at the mo!
  2. not sure this is what you're looking for Jim, but i stumbled over some clickable Operational Nav Charts for Europe, Asia, Afria and Australasia here just click the section you want to view, and save it to your HDD for later.... as for airfield specific info, I managed to find the PDFs on the Australian Aviation Authority site - here did that help any?
  3. my daughter loves hers, we got her a Barbie one, quite good quality too considering its a 2Megapixel camera!
  4. how about one of these Joe, it's got a viewfinder for each eye...
  5. looking at the picture below, i'd say less of the 'sort of' and more "thats spot on!"- how do you do it K?!
  6. AeroFly looks fantastic, i love the fact that it actually models real physics, something FSX should have had. I wonder if AeroFly maps the terrain so that the airfields aren't flat as a sheet of ply?? Is there a demo version of the program out yet, because i really could see myself picking this one up... i already own the Ikarus AeroFly 5.7 for RC, as well as RealFlight G5.5 and Pheonix 3, and the physics in those is superb. The crash model on AeroFly FS looks exceptional too, no more 'overstress' warnings from FS9/X...just a thud and your wings 'clap' or your undercarriage collapses - very n
  7. all my screenshots are from FS9, if that's what you mean yes.... Although there is a full install guide for FSX, including an FSX install guide for the (optional) MAIW AI GR4s @ Marham originally created for FS9. Sadly, my current PC was made back in 2001 (Ed. - no, really, he means it!) and has a lowly AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (single core, 2.23GHz) and Radeon 9600Pro 512Mb graphics installed in it, so FSX wouldn't even run at basic settings...hence my signature below - donate now and save my sanity!
  8. Germany yes, but that's an iron-cross, not a swastika....but meh, i'm splitting hairs.anyways, here's a clue as promised:
  9. i'm currently downloading a few more of ACGs works, screenshots will, i'm sure, follow soon!
  10. from what i've read/heard, LM has licensed the source code from MS at considerable cost, but at over $400 per license, it's clear that their intentions are to market Prepar3d to the professional pilots arena, rather than the enthusiasts & simmers market. Who knows, maybe we'll see LM partner with Aerosoft to offer a version for us simmers to use at home, only time will tell... Until either that happens, or a version costing less than $150/£75 is available, I'll not be purchasing.
  11. With the recent release of Aircraft Construction Group's IWM Duxford scenery, i thought I'd check out a few of their other sceneries...and boy am i glad i got this beauty of a download! RAF Marham, Norfolk is home to the RAFs southern Tornado contingent, and plays host to the Tornados of 9(B) and 31Sqn. So what better A/C to take a trundle around this Main Operating Base than an Tornado, the freeware GR4 from IRIS to be exact, and in this case a IX Sqn GR4, ZA552. Close up of our Tonka for this ride. Safely parked up outside of it's HAS, #47. The Detailing on the HAS and surrounding area
  12. i've also voted, but from a budget conscious point of view. I'm sure we all know what possible trouble we risk with 'er indoors when buying new add-ons for our sims, and trying to swing a £200 past her, especially on a joint bank account and in these times of economic downturn....not to mention having to stump up such an amount in the first place. Sure, we've all bought plenty of add-ons for FS9/FSX over the years, and no doubt if we added up the total cost we'd easily be into the low/mid-100s, but having to buy a new sim at £200 and then fork out more for add-ons i'm sure would effectively pr
  13. no problems, i'm sure i'll get a go at some point down the line...
  14. it may be something to do with the Default 32-bit file types saved from PhotoShop...if i recall, when saving to BMP from PhotoShop, it gives you a choice of options for the file type/bit depth etc. Selecting 32bit and clicking 'Advanced' on the dialogue box should show a tick against one of the 16-bit options, nothing else - change it if it is different otherwise leave this as is, because it interferes with DTXBmp. Also, there is a check box that says 'flip row order' at the bottom, that should be unchecked. Also, when saving from DTXBmp, if you choose "Save As" and then "Extended BMP" you ca
  15. Nope, but already were guessing the correct country now.....clue no.1 tonight
  16. It's not the mosquito mk. V carrying the "Highball" of 618Sqn fame?
  17. that was my thinking too, either that or something carrier based...so, K, i'm going to guess firstly at a Bristol Beaufort, if its not then i've another guess waiting in the wings.
  18. i'd never considered that...oooooh, gives me an idea!
  19. that doesn't even look like its a manned a/c K..........c'mon, CLUE!
  20. great news Sabre, glad to hear it's working. usually, i save as 32-bit as they are less compressed and use more space, but for the sacrifice of disk space you get a deeper colour depth in your textures with the added benefit of having them more crisp as they're not compressed down and interpolated. As for Photoshop, they are a few ways of doing the flag thing, easiest would be to open both the repaint and the flag. Create a new layer on the repaint above/below the layer you want it to be on (e.g above the fuselage paint but below any weathering effects you may have added) making sure the new
  21. i certainly wouldn't fly without it, it brings a whole new graphical life to FS9/X. The cloud, ground (airports only), sky and sea textures are simply transformed and far more realistic.
  22. Wrong country, although the aircraft in the shot did do RIAT once....but no, not Fairford. like i said, the clues may be in the screenshot
  23. Seems you're doing it right, have you added a new entry on the aircraft.CFG for the Cessna as in the example by Joe above, without this it won't show on fsx... If you're still struggling, i've had a dig in my old links and found a repaint tutorial from CalClassic that i once used. It's was rather detailed for the time and went into showing the techniques for weathering, night-lighting and so-forth, might be of use to you? another thing you may find useful is the ABACUS FSRepaint Demo as it allows you to pre-view your aircraft repaints without the hassle of loading/quitting FS9/X every time y
  24. here's the next one gents....any takers at this early stage? there's a couple of clues there, but they may not be staring you in the face.
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