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  1. I can only talk in specific terms about my GFX Card - I have the Radeon 6950 2GB Card and it runs FSX superbly without any problems. I've previously owned Nvidea cards but didn't run FSX at the time so can't do a direct comparison. Thanks sabre, appreciated...does anyone have any real experience with either the radeon or nvidia cards I mentioned above? Would be good to hear from you if so
  2. What's the deal with FSX and GeForce graphics cards? So many people swear by them saying ATI cards don't perform well in FSX... Is this true, or just old wives talk? Could swing the deal in all honesty as I'm only ever going to have FSX and CoD:MW3 on the PC....and a few office and photo apps to...
  3. Awesome aircraft, and my all time favourite twin engined luftwaffe ...I really must finish that model I have x
  4. Would be purely Windows 7 on it, so think 64GB would suffice. Also, has anybody got any toughts on the radeon 6870 1GB card, are they any others at the £140 price point with similar or better performance?
  5. Hmmm, didn't think of that needles, any suggestions what size?
  6. Er, not so sure that's such a good thing Joe
  7. Well, here it is...my xmas wishlist... ok yeah it's all on SCAN.co.uk, and yes, if purchased as a single item it would make a PC...butstill, that's what i want - gents, get yer wallets out and get spending, i'll be expecting the courier next week! ohh, and whilst you're at it, what do we think to the specs? Xclio Godspeed Two Advanced Black Mid Tower Case with 2 x180mm Side Fans, w/o PSU Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H60 High-performance CPU Cooler, LGA1156 / 1155, LGA775, LGA1366, AM2 and AM3 Intel Core i5 2500, S1155, Sandy Bridge, Quad, 3.3GHz, HD2000 IGP 850Mhz, 6MB Cache, 95W, Retai
  8. i'm sorry to say AeroMax that freeware isn't as bad as the minority of files make it seem...afterall, what about our very own Tim_A's Plan-G flight planning software, or the TinMouse 737-200, simply the best 732 available! And then there's anything by the now defunct Project OpenSky, David Matlby's VC-10, Comet and Trident...not to mention the MelJet 777, Milton Shupe's offerings and the HS.748...and i haven't even gotten onto the freeware Scenery yet!! just goes to show, freeware may have a bad rep, but often Payware isn't that far ahead if at all...
  9. John, Does this link help much?? go to ==> https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov/PilotWeb/ then chose the 'Tracks' tab and 'North Atlantic' from the drop-down. Should open a new page/tab for you with up-to-date NA Tracks the other link i found could be useful too: http://jetvision.de/nattracks.shtml - includes a map and waypoints too...
  10. great picture Rich and a worthy winner - really captured the 'rough and ready' conditions there!
  11. ....surprised you didn't show it over the Scottish coast Al, seems to be a frequent visitor from what I gather; records suggest it's been spotted and escorted away by the RAFs Typhoons on QRA duties more than a handful of times in the past few months....
  12. Well, the answer it's down to personal preference. Active Sky is the real weather generation software odd choice for many Jim. Some say that it's fast more realistic than REX others don't like it. Personally, I love it. AS 6.5 manages the layered cloud, winds aloft, visibility and cloud formations at low level much better than REX in my opinion, just remember to switch of the textures included with Active Sky and it'll use those from REX without a problem - best of both worlds!
  13. [evil laugh] now we know where you live - Gents, grab the eggs and flour bombs! [/evil laugh] on a more serious note, i installed UTX with most detailed settings from the start, i'm surprised at the difference when switching off certain levels of detail.
  14. it's a great feeling when the scenery below you in the sim really is as 'real as it gets'...i have UTX also and can name every street, pick out my house and even my office at RAF Brize Norton from 3000ft in my Cherokee 6, such a good feeling.
  15. er, i didn't realise JustFlight were in the aircraft manufacturing business....Wasn't it Vickers that built the real Viscount?? edit - nevermind Keiron, just seen my mistake; i said it was the BritSim version...which is just as awesome inside and out as the JF version from what ive seen
  16. Looks to me like a Vickers Viscount from BritSim.com ...am I right Kieron?
  17. this scenery looks awesome.....even teh AI Pack looks like it's been really well done! I'm Downloading it right now!!
  18. Must be my monitor, just looked on my phone and laptop, both show the plane in MUCH better detail.. Note to self - recalibrate your monitor
  19. ...coor, pretty dark shot that one Keiron, can just about make out the Victor on my monitor, hopefully that was the effect you was after? on another note, here's my 3rd entry - the Carenado Cessna 'Stationair 6 II' passing over Gloucester and the M5, the airport is just visible behind the nose. (NOTE: categorically no edits to this shot, however it HAS been cropped - all weather, terrain and textures courtesy of FSGlobal, UTX, REX2004 & AS6.5.) having seen the outstanding quality of the entries thus far I may well replace my previous entries within the coming days....decisions, decisi
  20. Rex, as i'm sure you know a Jim, is a texture replacement for the stock MS FSX texture set, so the real world weather on fsx simply tells the texture selector to choose the most suitable texture installed by Rex that matches the weather theme issued by FSX real weather provider. I haven't used either fsx or the built in weather app with Rex as I use a stand alone weather app called Active Sky 6.5 on my fs9 installation. Its always been the mainstay of my real weather generation due to its very accurate nature, and i'm sure many here would agree that it simply kicks the standard FS9/X offering
  21. Looking the business there Jim, glad the suggestion for UTX paid off, it really does take the Sim to a whole new level scenery wise. couple that with REX and its near perfect - why can't MS deliver that quality out of the box I'll never know
  22. Welcome Jim, i'm sure you'll find The Hangar a very friendly and welcoming place. If you got any questions, there'll usually be someone with an answer pretty sharpish Tim, don't forget VFR Real Scenery packages from Just Flight, also Ultimate Terrain Europe from Flight 1 - both must have add-ons for any low and slow Sim pilot
  23. meh - same part of the world...
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