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  1. that's right John, after saving the 'norm.bmp' file and refreshing DTXBmp, on the right hand side there is a check box, next to which it says "Include When Saving" and "Include 16bit dither" disable these, then save where you want in whatever format you wish.
  2. Just slightly modified my answer after having a go at it myself...nothing major, just thought i'd let you know.
  3. Looks like you've done what i did when i first started out with DTXBmp - saved the repaint direct out of Photoshop to the re-paint folder as a BMP. In doing this, you'll inadvertently save the BMP as a fully uncompressed file, hence it's in 64MB size. This isn't correct, instead you should just save the norm file to the temporary directory provided by DTXBmp, i.e. "Save As" and save to the directory provided on screen do not change it as this is needed by DTXBmp for the next step. Next, minimise PhotoShop and go back to DTXBmp, go to the Image menu and chose Reload After Edit. This will reloa
  4. hallelujah!! ok, i'll post mine tomorrow...i'm off to bed, i think my mouse and keyboard could use a rest too after that abuse by my frantic searching of Google, Wik, FS9 and heavens knows what other sources!!!
  5. ahh, found it....right, there should have been a DA40 XLS from the USAF Academy, and a T-43A of the 562nd FTS/12FTW...the 12FTW T-43 is based at San-Antonio / Randulph AFB and that's out as it only has 2 rwy's...so i'm left with the Diamond DA40, registered to the USAFA, based out of the USAFA Academy Airfield, ICAO: KAFF am i done, my head hurts!! p.s. here's my checklist... if anybody wants to see what should have arrived
  6. i just happen to have a tick-list of a/c from the 2010 RIAT...now then, where is it...
  7. curse PhotoBucket resizing...still no idea!!!! ok, ok...back to the drawing board Google & Wiki
  8. of course...wasn't detracting from that, the others have been a great help too
  9. OMG Thanks for this!!!! I have taken a screenshot on one of my quick flights in the screenshots forum - this is with the Arlington Approach plate shown on the kneeboard in-game. Mission accomplished!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! hint: there's a 'thanks' button on the bottom right of my post above.....
  10. the text in that picture is tiny mut, i'll need a magnifying glass to read it...well, on my 1600x1200 monitor anyway...
  11. i too am slightly wary of my guesses, but using the F-16 "Fighting Falcon", Panthers and USAF training bases as my focal points there really isn't that many more to suggest that will match. Joe, am i even remotely close?
  12. it may be easier for you Graeme to get the 'basic' blank textures from the Carenado site as suggested by Keiron. They have only the texture's you need to change in them... go here and choose what you need, then follow the video link posted earlier in the thread to see how it's done.
  13. and there i thought i had it!...ok, back to my previous info source! Edit - Luke AFB (ICAO: KLUF) home to 63rd Fighter Sqn (also known as the 'Panthers') and the USAF Air Education and Training Command.
  14. you can go here for US approach plates, both in GIF and PDF formats: Click here and here for UK plates: Click here ...and here for the rest of Europe: Click here N.B. This site is rather difficult to navigate, and you have to register forit, but it is free and the only place for free, up-to-date European approach plates
  15. i'm out on a limb here Joe, but Wright-Patterson AFB, ICAO code: KFFO. Home to USAF Academy Cadet Sqn 29, a.k.a "The Black Panthers"
  16. i'd bet on the BN-2 Islander also, and the picture below (from A.net) seems to confirm
  17. sorry for dragging this up, but i need a few more answers...and since Santa failed to bring me ANY PC related products , i'm re-spec'ing my new build - jump to the bottom of the post to view it. So. here's what i want to know: 1st - nice and simple: ATI 6870 or GTX 560Ti 2nd - do i really need an SSD - why?: Config 1: Win 7 on 60gb SSD and FSX + office apps on 500GB HDD - any benefits/disadvantages?? or Config 2: 2x 500gb (1 for storage, 1 dedicated FSX+extras) and 1x 120GB for Windows 7 & office apps - any benefits/disadvantages?? and finally, 3rd: 4gb (2x2gb) DDR3-1600 OR 8gb
  18. I'll leave the decision to you, put a reserve on it for Ebay. If it doesn't sell let me know, will see if I can take it of your hands.
  19. apologies for dragging this up from the depths...but has Edition 9 has landed! Just head on over to the downloads section to get your copy!...oh, and i'm now Editor In Chief(promoted from Deputy just before Xmas)
  20. Joe, i'd love to take it off your hands - unfortunately, all I can rustle up after a rather bountiful Xmas at my expense is a measly £100...nowhere near the amount that the camera and associated kit justifies.
  21. is that a clue Joe?? on a whim' date=' and assuming that it [b']is[/b]a clue, im plumping for New Orleans Lakefront, the ICAO being KNEW
  22. can't be a Mossie John, it has 3 RPM and Boost gauges, and i'd assume a 4th of each is present but not in-shot.
  23. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to all... i hope Santa / Mr. Clause / St. Nick brought you all something on your wish lists! Be good and enjoy the next few days.
  24. Indeed you can, but you'd need a monitor to see what's going on. One point o note is that you make sure you do a 'complete format' not a "quick" wipe or a simple delete of the Windows partition as this will lead to possible corruption in the future. Depending on the size of the HDD installed, a 'complete format' will take 30-60 minutes or more. Also, to save needing a monitor for the server, it could be controlled with the use of 'Remote Desktop' software included with Windows.
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