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  1. love it, really well put together ad that The VC10 and Rapide are at Duxford, as is the DC-3 and Concorde, not sure about the first plane though
  2. spent my first ever holiday there with Mrs_Av8r only 8 months after we met.... fell in love with that incredible island - and its Ouzo :wootmesalia: !!! I remember taking a hotel arranged coach tour of the island, the hostess/announcer/guide was off her trolley... did you ever visit Paleokastritsa (or Pal-eh-o-kat-street-sa as she made us say it numerous times!!) on your visits Joe, or the famous Achilleion palace (as used in James Bond "For Your Eyes Only").... I want CorfuX now!...and FSX....and a new PC for it all...can anyone spare a penny or two?
  3. there's no need for that Joe, certainly not feeling pressured or under any sort of duress.... it was rather unexpected and of great surprise to me, that's all... I'm on a 6-day 'stand-down' period as of 8am tomorrow (tuesday) morning, so between my two Air Power articles (a Battle Of Britain Special this month!) and me doing quite a lot of nothing, i'd be very happy to put together a special review for this fantastic (from what i've seen so far) addition to my hangar.
  4. Woah, there Nelly! That came out of the off field...umm, er, umm....well, er, I'm not sure. I mean, I use FS9 nowhere near as often as I used to (blame my 11 year old pc for that!) And hardly call myself a budding critic, but I do love the C-17 . I don't know the first thing about review writing however, so I'd hate to mess up so publicly...let me have a few words with myself and I'll post my answer later, deal?
  5. Well, i guess thats me here keeping my fingers x'd for the review soon then...!! Altho, saying that, last night i spent some more time digging and i've read some threads on various FS fora comparing the Area51 Sim and Virtavia C-17s and both are highly prized by their owners... it's oly £29.....and now there's a hole in my wallet....and a C-17 in my hangar! (screenies to follow soon!)
  6. hi guys, just wondered if anyone here had the opportunity yet to play with the Area51 Simulations C-17 Globemaster...i've done a little digging but so far not turned up many reviews. the screenshots and videos obviously make it look outstanding, but then if they didn't, nobody would buy it....so do any of you have 1st hand experience with it and can let me know a little more about its flight characteristics & interior/exterior model & sounds quality - i.e. are they any good!? thanks in advance, simi
  7. ...hmmm.........i'll have a dozen of the finest Swiss Chocolates dispatched immediately!
  8. Easy enough for us Joe... but what about the Judge - can he remain impartial?
  9. never thought ok that Keiron....it certainly would work.
  10. are you copying the addresses into the text box below the "lets browse - enter url"...?
  11. No, that just takes me to a "Subscribe to our Group" page for "Digging Tunnels". John noted the above straight after i posted...i edited my post as you were replying, try the steps above.
  12. hmm, ok well the only other way i can think of is to use an anonymous proxy server.... try www.diggingtunnels.com and copy/paste the following URLs for the Dambusters videos on YouTube: 1st part = 2nd part = let me know how you get on.... if they work, i'll tell you the science bit!
  13. luckily, for you chaps, i know of a cunning way around this having had US/Continental European streaming websites with country exclusive content block me before.... edit - links removed temporarily....i can't hot-link them to my top-secret system apparently. simi edit (again) - try these: and
  14. simi_av8r

    PC Woes

    hmm, odd... ok, now i'm stumped. MAC address filtering can be applied to a specific PC regardless of connection type...the only other thing that springs to mind is a complete shut down and reboot of the router/modem with atleat 30 seconds pause in between power on/off states. also, and it may sound improbable, but a reinstall of the very latest ethernet drivers for your network card, check the manufacturer website here for your Windows version. A reinstall of the Windows Service Pack is unlikely to be of any real use as it will only replace the inbuilt software that, currently, is not workin
  15. simi_av8r

    PC Woes

    hmm, interesting.... it seems like the machine has an IP address, but is not seeing the 'gateway' to the internet via your router. Also, the DNS address looks a bit suspect, it shouldn't usually be teh router IP address... try setting teh DNS values to the Google Public DNS Server as below: 1st server - 2nd server - don't worry about the WINS server entry being blank, that's not very useful for most home networks anyway (unless you're running NetBIOS) as DNS is the better, and more reliable, alternative. If you're still stuck after the above suggestions, my next bet woul
  16. simi_av8r

    PC Woes

    tim, since you can see the NAS from the W7 PC it suggests the IP side is working from there (unless that is you cant actually access it and all that is showing is a ghost of the NAS from a previous connection)...add in to that the fact that your other PCs/Mac connect to the internet ok suggests nothing wrong network side for them, one thing to test is are they able to 'ping' your now defunct PC's ip address....does your pc even have an IP address?? either way it may be a case of the DHCP lease not auto-renewing on the defunct PC after it rebooted and wanted to connect to the internet, altho
  17. here's my entries...(subject to change as always) A Luftwaffe Messerschmitt BF-110/G4 hunts down its prey somewhere over a war-torn Europe of 1943 A Grumman F7F "Tigercat" prowls among in the murk. and finally, this aircraft seems to be a favourite for this competition, so i thought 'why not' - A Westland Lysander makes its way home as dawn breaks... no edits made. all effects courtesy FS9, ActiveSky, REX2004 'Overdrive' and weather theme generator.
  18. gents - editions 6, 7 & 8 now uploaded to the MH Downloads Area...and a little something extra for you UAV fans...
  19. i'll see what i can get done tonight..although im working from 7-ish.
  20. brilliant, i'll get each one packed up as a .zip (jpeg compresses the images too much!) and have them uploaded....where to Joe?
  21. Thanks so much Joe - really appreciate the comments... as i told you previously, the graphics and such are all my own works....the front cover is actually a number (6 in total) of pictures from the MOD/Defence image database composited together, hopefully done well enough that you cant tell! As for promotion, i had my mid-term appraisal and was told that, although relatively new to my sqn (i've been on 99sqn at Brize now for 4 months) my progress has astounded the all the seniors (cpl and above) for the Sqn and i should be expected to be racing for a promotion next year - of course, that's al
  22. gents, The 8th edition has landed!!! - read it here
  23. thanks for the support guys, glad you all like the format.. i've just gotten off the phone with the editor and the 8th edition is due to go to press (read: Station Publications Print Shop) after i've completed my final proof-read and other standard pre-press checks...Once that's all done, i'll get it posted and the cycle begins again for the 9th Edition due out for September!
  24. Thanks John, really appreciate the comments. That happens to be my 1st article for the newsletter. Previously i was on the peripheries governing the graphic elements in accordance to the editors whim - now look at me, fully fledged columnist, executive graphics producer and deputy-editor to boot!
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