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  1. Have you tried looking over at the Wahalla Mine pages? I've posted the links below: FS9 - http://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004/finland.php FSX - http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/finland.html
  2. Here's my first couple of entries.... Dreary conditions descend on an BN Islander MK2 A Ford Tri-Motor fights against a thunderous sleet shower N.B. images superficially cropped to remove the FS message bar(s) and to have my signature added
  3. bring it on!!!!! Well, rather in the sim than for real 'cos if it ain't sunny, i don't fly in the RW!...could that be why they call me the Fair-Weather Flyer???
  4. Nice post Simi, you were right up there too Not quite good enough though it seems....i must send more horse treats next time! (kidding!!! - absolutely NO bribes were offered!) an another note, i had tried to upload a few shots of the DeHavilland Jet Dragon (produced by Hawker-Siddeley as the HS125) and DeHavilland 121 passenger jet (again, produced by Hawker Siddeley as the HS121 Trident) but had some major upload issues with PhotoBucket last night - don't ask, i nearly threw my PC about the room! ah well, can't win them all!
  5. excellent shot and a very worthy winner - well done Graham
  6. i i'd agree....Joe's comments about "a rock and a hard place" and the a/c designers going "ape" shout out good ol' Gibraltar to me too...
  7. 'fraid not JR, thats a DeHavilland Canada Beaver also.... for the British designed DH a/c check out the wikipedia link (as posted in Mutley's original post on this thread) below: British De Havilland Aircraft
  8. amen to that!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Nevertheless, we can only pray our calls are heard!!!
  9. Alas, i too have been scouring high and low for a DH.96 'Dragon' for many years and have the vast sum of nought to show for my troubles. I fear that, maybe, we'll be without this beautiful airliner in our hangars for some time to come too... i've got one more DH aircraft up my sleve that may cause controversy, but i'll keep myself schtum until i post it...
  10. Here's a few of my favourites A 1930's DH.60 'Gipsy Moth' - seen here at Renfrew Aerodrome during the late 40's An Imperial Airways DH.86 'Express' from 1935- seen here at Kemble. Sadly, there are no surviving examples of this beautiful aircraft. One more to come.....
  11. darn it Alan! it seems you too have one of the lesser known De Havilland aircraft in your hangar - you'll see which when i enter it into this months prize screenshot competition.
  12. :wootmesalia: fast cars..............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. ...yup, i can vouch fo that - it's pretty much word-for-word what i'd say as a member of the RAF if i were the Wing Cdr replying to the email/letter from the police chief!...either that or "Thanks for the letter, i should have let him release the missile...now go away and arrest some REAL crooks!!"
  14. wow, you don't pull any punches do ya Charlie....sounds quite a set up, and it certainly delivers! I'd love to get my hands on that REX theme, did you upload it to the MH Downloads section yet?
  15. nice shot John, but isn't that a DeHavilland Canada Beaver? If so, it's not allowed, the competition this month is for BRITISH BUILT & DESIGNED DeHavilland aircraft - check out Joe's Wikipedia link in the first post for examples.
  16. #1 & #3 are simply divine; such realism in the clouds and overall atmosphere - beautiful!
  17. So what you are suggesting is ok. Excellent, I'll look to get my shots uploaded asap, some very rare DH birds in my hangar...
  18. ...whats the rules regards minor edits (read colour adjustments, signatures, crops etc..) on this months contest Joe? got a few shots ready, but want to make sure they're legal before i submit them.
  19. What better way to relax than with some hard hitting, head heavy metal.....I couldn't agree more to be fair, AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Rammstein, Rush et Al...i'm in need of some relaxation now as it happens....lets hope the neighbours aren't in!
  20. simi_av8r

    Thank you MOD

    I've met his uncles here at Brize....Vincent the VC10, and Trevor the Tristar ...good folks, although a little noisy
  21. nearly missed out on this one....can't have that now can we!! so, here's my entries. #1 - the fabulous English Electric Lightning - who can fail to love this aircraft?! #2 - Auster Alpine J5R, pictured here is G-APAA #3 - and last, but certainly by no means least, the most beautiful aircraft to grace the heavens - the Spitfire, in this shot a PR Mk.XIX
  22. Didn't the parent company (GM) begin liquidation/administration processes for the SAAB company?...if so, i'm pretty sure they'd give you a 900i for whatever you wanted to pay them!
  23. ...i knew we had pilots, scenery designers, review critics, accountants, farmers and military folk in the hanger, but it seems the most talented of all are the Musicians! - excellent work...this should be posted on ALL the Flight Sim Forums, in the words of the Holy Bible - Go Forth And Multiply!!
  24. absolutely stunning shots Soya (ED - as if we can expect anything less from him!) I'm especially loving the RAF 32Sqn "Royal" A109E 'Power' set against that stunning scenery in shot #3!
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