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  1. I worked on microprocessor systems in the early '70's - yeah, I know, a long time ago! Back then, you were memory bound, not only because of the 16-bit bus (I didn't use Motorola chips) but RAM, EPROM's, etc were expensive. Operating systems - yes, we wrote O.S.'s - were very simple and we understood how they worked. Prototype hardware was built from the chips up - a tedious and error prone activity as you can imagine. By the late '70's, Intel had introduced prototyping boards, so you didn't have to build from scratch. The i8086 came along and then the i8xx86 family, which IBM used for the fi
  2. Googled "BUMPFICCH" and guess what I got? Something from a site called Mutley's Hangar: And now Iknowwhat it means, too. Thanks, Mate! Cheers - Dai.
  3. I guess most of us know how to prepare a flight plan using the FSX tool or Plan-G, however, I wondered if a tutorial might help, particularly for those who'd like to join in with rallies like MEBAR but lack the confidence - and experience, maybe - to translate a rally flight briefing into a flyable flight plan. Anyway, here's my attempt at introducing Plan-G for rally flight briefing: Please let me have your feedback! Cheers - Dai.
  4. Wonder if they let him into the operating theatre again... Good catch, Nigel - thanks for sharing. Cheers - Dai.
  5. Much as I like the MD-902, I'd be happier with a tail rotor! Nice to see the video again, Al'! Cheers - Dai.
  6. Thanks for the video link, Nigel - I read Ernie's book a couple of years ago. One of those books you just didn't want to end - brilliant. Loved the bit about burning matches/paper in front of the trainee pilot's face! And the Taj near miss... @ Brett - agreed! Cheers - Dai.
  7. This happened last week at Belgrade when the co-pilot of the Serbian president's Falcon jet accidentally activated the emergency slot extension when trying to clean spilt coffee from the instruments panel! More info here: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/21/serbian-president-plane-plunge-coffee-spill-pilot-nikolic Pass the thermos... Cheers - Dai.
  8. Thanks Mike - every contribution appreciated! Cheers - Dai.
  9. Brilliant wide-screen switch and such precision! Thanks for sharing. Cheers - Dai.
  10. Not sure, JG, but is this a RAM issue? I guess your GTX 960 has at least 2 Gb - is that more than your previous GPU? I recently installed a 2Gb GTX 670 (last century man, me!) to replace a 500 Mb 8800 GT. but no issues. Maybe you'll get more help from the real guru's? Hope so! Cheers - Dai.
  11. So, does Mr Roberts wear a black hat? Not in the shower, I guess... Cheers - Dai.
  12. Thanks, Joe - one last Leg to report... Thinking about "The Hump" for ATWC SiX - maybe I'll be lucky? Take it easy - Dai.
  13. Really stunning - excellent work, Mike! Cheers - Dai.
  14. Welcome aboard for Leg 4 of MEBAR 2015. We fly from Palonegro Intl (SKBG), Bucaramanga, to San Bernardo (SKMP), Mompos - a distance of around 240 nm. This Leg is 'blind', which adds to the excitement! Here's the Flight Plan in Plan-G (Thanks Tim): It's raining here at Palonegro as we take off at 7 am: Here's the sun coming up over the northern Andes: Our first waypoint, Hacaritama (SKAG), where we turn east: Now, we're established on the 101 deg in-bound radial for the LFA VOR: And soon we've arrived at Aguas Claras (SKOC) for a Full Stop. Here we're on Lo
  15. ddavid

    ATWC 6 Map

    Excellent - thanks, John! Cheers - Dai.
  16. ddavid

    Helicopter help

    Wayne, have a look at this quick video which introduces you to Translational Lift, probably the most important charactersistic of helicopter flight dynamics: The default Bell 206B is modelled (in terms of flight dynamics) quite well in FSX, and, as Chris points out, even better in the Dodo-Sim version (which I highly recommend). Flying helicopters in FSX is mostly muscle-memory! Low spped manoeuvres, hovering and smooth landing only comes with practice. To this end (muscle-memory) it's advisable to have a separate collective (throttle) and pedals. Whilst torque induced yaw (TIY) is very
  17. Now you may have the option of landing a 'plane, using your iPad... http://www.wired.com/2015/04/hackers-commandeer-new-planes-passenger-wi-fi/ Cheers - Dai.
  18. A Tampa mailman delivered protest letters to Congress, yesterday, by landing his gyro-copter on the Capitol lawn: Going Postal?!? Cheers - Dai.
  19. Baggage handlers across the US - and Europe - tend to be employed not by the airlines or the airport, but by an 'out-sourced' contractor. Alaskan is not the only airline to out-source its baggage handling. In SEATAC, Alaskan employ Menzies - a UK company. As Alan says, hours are long and the work strenuous. Here's one view of the situation from http://www.passengerterminaltoday.com/opinion.php?BlogID=31 : "Unfortunately, outsourcing has had a negative influence on the quality of baggage handling. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can never adequately replace the direct responsibility that air
  20. That's a little political, don't you think, John? It's good to know your views but I don't think this forum is the appropriate place to express them so explicitly. Dai.
  21. May not be quite so simple - Alaskan have rather poor worker relations at Sea-Tac. Whether this surfaces in the media is doubtful... Cheers - Dai.
  22. We're almost halfway - this is Leg 3 of MEBAR 2015, from Medellin (SKMD) to Bucaramanga (SKBG). Only one dog-leg, this time! Here's the Flight Plan in Plan-G (Thanks yet again, Tim!): Another beautiful, sunny day, here in Colombia as we take off: We've passed the Medellin LI NDB, and here we're establishing the 80 deg OBR from the RNG VOR: Over Puerto Nare (SKPN): And that's Cimitarra (SKCM) - still on the 80 deg OBR: Malaga - SKLA not the famous one! - is around here somewhere: Ah! There it is, tucked into the hillside, t
  23. Kudos for the technical description of the F35-B - very interesting, Thanks. And an excellent narrative - that's a bonus! CHeers- Dai.
  24. I guess that'll be Llan-Twit? Nice shots, Bach! Cheers - Dai. :od-git:
  25. Maybe it's a rainfall effect? The west gets more than the east... Great stuff, Mike - your efforts are appreciated, Mate! Cheers - Dai.
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