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  1. Well, they used Lancastrians for getting to Santiago, so why not the odd Shack. In Colombia? And I guess Joe has to sleep sometime... Cheers - Dai. P.S. No offence, Boss!
  2. Who else could get a railway carriage into their ATWC Leg? And then surprise us with a 5 engined passenger aircraft? Got to hand it to you, Chuck, you certainly pick 'em... Thanks for the ride - see you in Colombia! Cheers - Dai.
  3. Right, I'll do 1 and 4, Joe has 2 and 5, and Chuck'll (!) do 3. Excellent. Cheers - Dai.
  4. No worries, Nigel - maybe next time... So, using our Test Flight Times: 23.33 + 19.82 + 21.21 = 64.36, making the average = 21.45. O.K. - I'll submit that as our joint Test Flight Time for the MEBAR. If we're happy with the Dizzie, then we might decide on which Legs we fly. I'm happy to fly Leg 1 again - faster! Actually, I quite enjoyed the flight planning for Leg 1, even if the descents were a bit of a handful! And I'm O.K. with a 'blind' Leg - what about you? Please make your choice... Cheers - Dai.
  5. +1 on the comments. Our ailments are nothing in comparison. Cheers - Dai.
  6. Still time to give us a hand, Nigel! Make us an offer for one of the Legs... Your help would be most welcome, Mate. Cheers - Dai.
  7. Many thanks, Kieron. Cheers - Dai.
  8. Thanks, Joe - let's see if young Chuck can bring the average up/down! Cheers - Dai.
  9. Hi Team! Looks like we're 'it'! As both Joe and I are flying DC-3's, do you fancy that, Kieron? Makes sense, if you can, thanks. My Test Flight time was 23.33, if you add yours, we can get an average and register the Team. By the way, anyone else is still welcome! (Hint, bl**dy Hint!! Cheers - Dai.
  10. Well, Hello Delhi! (I just don't believe it, Margaret!) Carry On ATWC-ing... Great narrative - kudos for getting the elephants to look after the Baton! Cheers - Dai.
  11. John, if you remember, for the first leg of the current ATWC, when we flew Multi-Player (MP), I asked everyone to let me know their exact aircraft Name. This Name is exchanged between the various MP Players and used by each individual FSX system to display the correct aircraft. This name is defined on the first line of the section of the Players' aircraft.cfg that refers to the specific livery/texture required for that choice, and is the aircraft selected by the Player when joining the MP session. Now, clearly, I don't have everyone's aircraft, so, by asking for their exact Name, I could then
  12. Genius, Joe - now the co-pilot gets to know the time! Cheers - Dai.
  13. Too much excitement for one day, eh?!? Nicely done and some excellent shots - Thanks. Cheers - Dai.
  14. Really great stuff, Michael! Loved the Beacons (?) and the Heads of the Valleys, too. But you were a bit close to the HV lines after Myrther (Trangle Business Park) - unless you meant to go under the cables, of course! Cheers - Dai.
  15. Here's my favourite: Just set your road bike up on the turbo trainer, log into the cloud-based software and ... Suffer! Cheers - Dai.
  16. Now then, I think I recognise the Severn Estuary in the distance at the end of the clip - thanks. Funnily enough, the Severn rises about 5 miles from where we live, so I should have known! Nice work, Michael and an interesting aircraft, too. Cheers - Dai.
  17. Thanks for the YouTube clip, Michael. Did you want to mention the source of the aircraft/scenery? The link doesn't show when the YouTube video is embedded on my iPad, so I'll post the link for others if they have the same problem: http://frenchvfr.free.fr/index.php?lng=en It's an excellent resource. Thanks. Cheers - Dai.
  18. I've tried the new 'clean' look - and thanks for setting it up, Joe - and it's good to go (Hi, Andy!) on my 22" PC monitor, but rather cramped on my li'l' ol' iPad. So, I'll use one for the first and the second for the other - excellent! As to colo(u)r, well, Pam's eyes are... Cheers - Dai.
  19. Thanks, Joe and Chuck! That's a great start for our intrepid endevour, what? Remember, if you've never flown a rally before, being a member of Team Mutley means a much easier 'leraning curve' as you'll have the beneit of guidance from more experienced team mates. So, let's be hearing from you! Cheers - Dai.
  20. Each year, Team Mutley represents our Hangar on one or more air rallies. This time it's MEBAR 2015, thanks to Joe and Andrew and their efforts - great stuff, guys! Well, Team Mutley needs pilots, and that's where you can help. With 5 Legs to this year's MEBAR, 5 pilots would be ideal, so please post if you'd like to join in. And don't worry about the complexities of flight planning, we can help you with that! We'll decide which aircraft to use nearer the event. We've used the DC-3 before, but we're flexible, eh?!? If more thn 5 pilots join up, no worries - we'll have one or more extra teams
  21. Great idea, Joe, but can you get me an extra 6 hours a day so that I'd have time! Cheers -Dai.
  22. @ Anders - you are right and I apologise unreservedly. @ Martin - we are on non aerospace ground and therefore I'm locking this thread. Sorry! Cheers - Dai.
  23. And moving to Tasmania isn't an option, I suppose?!? Chers - Dai.
  24. The runway at Aberporth was extended some 5 years ago, now, and a new access road and roundabout on A487. I've passed EGFA many tens of times in the last 15 years or so and never, repeat, never seen any signs of aircraft activity - not even a parked 'plane. This may be because of Qinetco's presence at Aberporth and their 'reputed' involvement with UAV's. It's a pity as the extended runway was ostensibly to develop EGFA as West Wales Airport - never mind EGFE just down the road! Nice video mind. Cheers - Dai.
  25. Seeing an aurora in Wales is a once in a lifetime thing. Back in the early 90's, I thought my neighbour was doing some late night welding, but it was in fact the northern lights - not as spectacular and colourful as that seen further north, but truly memorable. It would be magic to see it again. Cheers - Dai.
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