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  1. This is where things get interesting, MEBAR 2015 Leg 2, from La Nubia (SKMZ) to Olaya Herrera (SKMD), and the first of 2 'blind' Legs where we're not told the Target Time in advance. Not that it makes much difference! Here's the interpretation of Andrew's Flight Briefing in Plan-G (Thanks again, Tim!): It's a nice sunny day as we take off at La Nubia: Turning north east to intercept the 76 deg in-bound radial for the MQU VOR: Turning at MQU for SKPQ: German Olano AB (SKPQ) ahead: A quick T&G and we're away: That's Furatena (SKFR) ahead, where we'll turn westwa
  2. Whilst I see your point about the sharpness of the tower shadow, what other aspects are you taking into consideration? Are there such fundamental differences between FSX and P3D that they show up with detailed photo-scenery? I'll admit to being out of my depth here - so an explanation from either of you guru's would be welcome! The foregoing is in no way a criticism of the images or your comments - just me trying to get my head round things. Thanks. Cheers - Dai. :confused:
  3. ddavid

    ORBX HD Tree's

    Hug the standing trees and saw up the fallen ones! Thanks, Boss. Cheers - Dai.
  4. I remember 'Space Patrol', puppet animation from the early 60's on UK TV. My favourite line was from the Neptunians, who said "... we prefer human slaves" in hilarious falsetto voices, as in this episode: Not that I'm suggesting that Thunderbirds are inferior, just less funny! In fact, they're almost too serious for their own good. Ciao - Dai.
  5. ddavid

    ORBX HD Tree's

    Looks like I'll need another GPU then! Hwyl - Dai.
  6. In 2 hours you produce photo scenery up to the standard of the original Horizon Gen-X? Shee-yit, Nigel - you're a bl**dy genius, Mate! O.K. - another 2 hours to upload to Mutleys! Please?!? Cheers - Dai.
  7. Some nice shots, Steve - thanks for sharing. Cheers - Dai.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, Eddie - at $15, the DCS Huey is well worth it for the flight dynamics alone, and the internal (VC) detail is brilliant. I only wish I had more spare time for DCS World flying! Cheers - Dai.
  9. Thanks for your kind comments! Just another day in my favourite fixed wing AC, care of MEBAR... Re: livery - well, DXTBmp may have introduced some unusual textures, but it's supposed to be metallic. You just can't get the staff, these days! Cheers - Dai.
  10. Well, here we are again, thanks to Andrew and Joe. Well done Sirs! The first MEBAR Leg sees us start at Eldorado Intl, Bogota. Today we fly to La Nubia SKMZ. Here's the Plan-G Flight Plan (Thanks Tim!): Leaving SKBO: A quick T&G at Melgar AB (SKME): Turn at Wpt 2, the confluence of the Rio Magdalena and Rio Saldana Turning towards SKCL: Turning again at VOR ULQ (SKUL): Long Final at San Marino SK54: That's SKPE ahead: And our destination, La Nubia SKMZ ahead: Base Turn, SKMZ: Long Final: Touch down at La Nubia: An interesting fl
  11. Wait 'til the rotor-head fever bites, Jim - no going back! BTW, what controls are you using? Twist grip or pedals? Makes quite a difference. Cheers - Dai.
  12. Great first ATWC fliight, Pete - and nice to see veterans in use. BTW, how many screes have you got?!? Cheers - Dai.
  13. Great scenery - Thanks for sharing. Cheers - Dai.
  14. Personally, I don't look at the Target Time before flying a Leg. This is for 2 reasons: 1. Andrew and Joe spend a considerable time working out the appropriate formula for each MEBAR Leg so that our individual Test Flight Times/Average Speed can be converted to produce specific Leg Target Times. Our job, as Pilots, is to fly the Leg keeping as close to our Average Speed as possible and execute Landings, T&G's, ascents and descents, navigation, etc as close to RW as possible. Not an easy task! 2. If you know the Target Time and you slow down/speed up, cut corners, whatever, then what's th
  15. I think I'll stick with Team America - "**** Yeah!!" Mind you, the new Thunderbird boys look wery nice: Will you be updating your avatars, Lads (and Lasses!)?!? Cheers - Dai.
  16. Taken during 2013's DC-3 Airways Rally, this was a nice cross wind end to Leg 2: Not very picturesque - default scenery, no clouds,etc, but I was lucky to walk away from it... Cheers - Dai.
  17. Is that JohnY from the old Horizon Forum? If so - Hi and How are you?!? Cheers - Dai. P.S. If not, Hi and Welcome!
  18. Ed - don't worry about the deadline. I'm sure Joe will cut you some slack. Glad you sorted it. Cheers - Dai.
  19. Glad you sorted the images - good shots, too' Cheers - Dai.
  20. Ed, did you not pick up on the MEBAR 2015 Event Briefing pdf, here: http://mebar.mutleyshangar.com/download/MEBAR%202015%20Event%20&%20Flight%20Briefings.pdf The above link is on the Download page of the MEBAR website, just above the Situation Files that you have got. Don't give up! We need you! Chers - Dai.
  21. How serendipidous! Jeremy Clarkson has changed his views, too! He's joined the Guardian's Divest from Fossil Fuels campaign: I guess that balances your move, Martin? Cheers - Dai.
  22. Hi Bob and Welcome! Here's a link on how to post images: http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/topic/7419-post-images-in-the-forum/ Hope it helps. Look forward to seeing them! Take care - Dai.
  23. Well, an epiphanical moment! Excellent, I was wondering how long it would take you to see sense. Clearly, the effect of the 'mega-sink' (I won't let on what it really is, at this time - I don't want to take any kudos from your announcement) is far more important than we thought! Wow! And thanks for your sincere apologies. They are, indeed, most acceptable, A great day. Cheers - Dai.
  24. Interesting storyline, Micke - and some great shots. Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
  25. Hi Lee and welcome to Mutley's! There's no T&G at SKCL, the intermediate airport between SKME and SK54, where you will need to T&G. Hope that helps. Cheers - Dai.
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