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  1. An F-15 Eagle on the way........ https://www.justflight.com/product/dc-designs-f15-c-e-i-eagle. Looks nice!
  2. Okay...trying to keep this section moving along. Joe....you win for your very timely caption. You are in charge now, chief!! Take it way...(without the kid on the windshield!!) Martin
  3. So....in these trying times when many of us are confined to home (more flight sim time!!) because of circumstances, I am wondering who has study sims (and actually DOES study them!) and who flits from plane to plane? I must admit that I am more if a 'flitter' with spending a bit of time on one plane then moving to another. I do have a few study sims, but usually end up getting frustrated with them!! Cheers and stay safe! Martin
  4. Psttt....Neil. You gonna give us all a laugh and post a picture of you in that leotard!!!!!
  5. Thanks Neil. Okay...lets have some fun with this one.......
  6. Stay with this until the end....the last ones are the best!
  7. Ok...so we have the dreaded Corona virus around right now, which of course is very concerning and I hope that we and our loved can stay safe, but........ How about a bit of fun? What song from the charts would be applicable to the current situation? To start things off, I would nominate: Staying alive by The BeeGees....... Over to you. Martin (with a warped sense of humor).
  8. The U.S. DoD confirms that it now prepared to sell reduced capability F-15 Eagles to Third World Countries.
  9. "Just what is the take off speed of this thing?" "Just a bit faster..."
  10. Wow! Just how long had you had that old Lindbergh kit, Alan! I thought that it came out before the ark!! I had the Lindbergh Vulcan which never got built as the (original) Airfix one came out. It is nice to see that Airfix are bringing out a NEW Vulcan this year, but my model making days are over and what was my model making time is now flight simulation time! I do have the Just Flight Vulcan and if a Victor came out, that would make it onto my 'wants list' as looks like a lovely plane. Best wishes Martin
  11. A new F-18 Super Hornet hits the deck. Looks nice......Guess what I will be buying as my next sim......??!! https://www.justflight.com/product/dc-designs-fa-18-e-f-g-super-hornet Martin
  12. Euthanasia Airlines.....? Just go through the Departure Gates next to Gate 4.
  13. No sir. You have the wrong place. The area for travelers is in the car park at Tesco's just over the road...you can't miss all of the caravans and rubbish.
  14. I guess that I will have to give that a go. Thanks, Joe.
  15. Hi Joe It came out first in FSX (which I also bought when it first came out) and has since been issued in dedicated P3Dv3 format (which is what I have) and also for P3Dv4. I do not know much about JavaScript or know how to check if the version that I have is alright. Sometimes it works alright, sometimes it will fly a bit, then will freeze with the error message. I sometimes get issues with P3Dv3 generally in that things will be alright, then suddenly it freezes and there is a loud buzz from the speakers. It will not respond to anything and the only solution is to do a hard restar
  16. I have the SSW F-104S Starfighter (or Zipper, as they call it!). It is very, very nice and it is a study type of sim. However, I will sometimes get an error message which freezes the sim and I am not sure how to deal with it. It is: JavaScript alert. Localhost: 2048 Typerror: Cannot set property 'visible' of undefined. Anyone any ideas on this one? Thanks in advance Martin
  17. Buster Pork Chop and his unfeasibly large testicles.....! (Viz readers will get this!!)
  18. Ok.....that's the easy part of the day done with.....now go home and do the Christmas wrapping, write the Christmas cards, stuff the turkey...…..
  19. So, I have put FSX to one side after so many issues and am now trying PD3v3, as my computer is able to handle that (I think!). I got it installed and running nicely and compared to FSX, it is like chalk and cheese. However, a few glitches have reared their heads which I am hoping that some you folk may be able to help me with them... The first problem that occurred was that I lost the afterburner effects and extra power that this produced on the native F-22 and F-35. I am not sure if this issue has been resolved as I notice on forums that it appears to be a common problem and wonde
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