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  1. I was getting multiple issues such as things freezing, etc. I got fed up with it and now trying P3Dv3, not that it is problem fee!! Thanks for asking.
  2. The airline that's different...no overhead lockers...they are under the seat so that you have to ….erm….bend over!!!
  3. Wow John……..your SOON is not.....erm….'soon'!!!
  4. Well, it just so happens that I am on a tight budget. Ill health and not having worked for 14 years as a consequence makes things a bit tight! Therefore, I have an old PC that it not up to spec for v4. Such is life, but I am quite impressed with v3 anyway....better than FSX so I am happy. Martin
  5. After so much hassle with FSX and Windows 10, I have done a fair bit of research and watched some YouTube stuff. I have reached the conclusion that P3Dv3 is the way to go for me, at least for the time being. I have bought quite a few aircraft for FSX over a period of time, but a lot are also compatible with P3Dv3. So....I had an SSD put on my PC and bought P3Dv3 and hope to get it installed and set up in the next few days. If anyone has any info and tips about P3Dv3, I would be interested in knowing... You will note that I said that it is P3Dv3 for the time being.....the Microsoft Fli
  6. ..but that is all very well wanting the latest stuff, BUT.....I had to retire from work early due to ill health (14 years ago), ergo VERY little spare money and I have about $1,000 to fork on medical bills over the next few weeks. No social health care scheme here, so some of us just have to make do as best we can in an economical way, even if does mean holding onto stuff 'past it's sell by date'.... Martin
  7. For those who have seen my other posts with regard to FSX issues /Windows 10, I am pondering about P3Dv3. I have always used FSX and know VERY little about P3D, so I am looking for peoples opinions who have used both (FSX and P3D) for pointers and things to look for. My rig has an NVidia 2GB card, 2.6Ghz Quad Core Processor, 8GB RAM (I think!) and a mechanical disc drive. I am also a bit confused as to permissible uses for P3D (it says not for Personal Consumer Entertainment...)? Is it a case of this is not a 'game' for 'serious' learning...…? To me, it seems a strange thing
  8. Hi Arnold/All Since I have been having so much hassle with FSX/Windows 10, it has made me think about P3D too, probably V.3 as it seems a bit less demanding on my somewhat old PC. Is it really necessary to get an SSD, it can it 'make do' with a mechanical hard drive? I must admit that I know very little about P3D, but have noticed that a lot of my more recent (and expensive !) addons such as the JF VC-10 and Vulcan also run on P3D, which will help soften the blow! By the way, I did look at FSX Steam, and it appears that since they did the last update, it is no longer compati
  9. Sorry the text was light color.....it must have accidently got changed, so thanks for fixing it, Brian. I must admit that I did not install it as administrator, but I do run it as administrator. I have found that I if I right click on the FSX icon and the click the 'run compatibility troubleshooter' every time I run FSX, it will probably work but for some reasons, when I click to save the settings after it runs OK, it does not seem to save the settings. However, where the real problems arise are after adding third party planes. Some may work, but quite often, they will crash
  10. Wanted for serious crimes against humanity....the photographer who took this hideous photo!!!
  11. I guess the whole idea is to make things realistic and true to life. So, the world order has changed since FSX...how about missions to take out active shooters at schools and airports....??? (and of course, Unicorns!!)
  12. Hmmmmm. I wonder which is the most popular of these two airlines!!
  13. Okay...I am giving this one to Paul with..... Nobody had told Bob that for air starts, you don't need to get out and swing the prop. Well done Paul....over to you...
  14. As some of you, I recently moved form Widows 7 to Windows 10. Since then , FSX Gold has been a pain in the......well...you know where! I started off with error messages when I installed the Acceleration part (2nd disc) which I got resolved thanks to some help from people on here. While I can get the FSX to work, it is the 'add ons' that are a real problem. While some work, some do not want to play ball. For example, The JF Vulcan will load, then just freeze and the frame rates are 0.6 per second!! Some programs will load OK and I set up the flight, then the FS
  15. Thanks Needles...(Just found the reply today. I am not sure why I was not notified of your reply). I am still having issues. Some planes work alright when I download them, some don't. The ones that don't work screw up FSX after I have prepared for flight. When I try and exit, I get a black screen that I can't do anything with...no response to keyboard or mouse and I end up having to reboot the computer by turning the computer off physically by using the on/off switch on the PC tower itself. Then of course, you get conflicting information....Just Flight say don't run in compatability
  16. I don't know what the story is.....I just googled funny aviation pictures and thought that one looked interesting!!!
  17. OK.....no one seems to have put another picture up yet and I think that I have done what I can with my computer issues, so have a go with a caption for the above picture folks! Have fun!!!! Martin
  18. Hi Brian Thanks for getting back to me. It is no secret that I am a bit of a technophobe and the idea of messing with the registry got me a bit concerned. I have also had a number of issues with Windows 10 which I have been working my way through. Anyway, after trying other ideas (including loading a brand new copy of FSX with the same results), I finally bit the bullet yesterday. I also found a similar response to what you gave on YouTube, which made it easier to understand rather than just reading. So, it was sorted yesterday afternoon and thanks for your help, which is much ap
  19. Thanks Brian. I will have to look into it.
  20. I have upgraded to Windows 10 now, having moved from Windows 7. I have installed the basic FSX OK and gave it a quick fly. However, when I installed the Acceleration part (I have the Gold Edition), I got an error message saying that it can't register the product and an error code 1-80004005 came up after it had been installed. Any ideas? Thanks Martin
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