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  1. Oops.....this strange. I do not seem to be getting notifications of responses like I used to. I am really sorry guys.... Anyway, I will let someone else have a crack at a new picture and I think that I will have to have words with my errant computer!!! Martin
  2. I wonder if things like an actual working 'real tine weather' will be put back into FSX, seeing as FSX will be supporting it again. I also dread to think how much FSX 2020 will cost. I am aware that FSX has it's issues, but I still think that it is a valid simulator and I for one, do not want to have to invest in more 'add ons' for a new sim. If they could make it so that FSX 'add ons' are compatible with the 2020 version, that would be great and I think that it would also help sales for the new version. Not everyone has money to burn! Martin
  3. I hope to install Windows 10 on my computer this weekend, a task that I am not looking forward to. But thinking ahead..... I have a dedicated drive for my FSX flight sim for the installation of the program 'and ons', but am aware that certain elements still go into parts of the 'C' drive. My questions is this: If I decide to replace my 'mechanical' drive for FSX with an SSD, will I also need to replace the 'C' drive with an SSD as it has FSX files on it? Thanks in advance for your help. Martin
  4. Military AI aircraft...not just civil. More detailed texture that is FPS friendly. No unicorns!!! Rain effects. More realistic engine sounds. The full finished product being FREE!! (Okay...that may be stretching it a bit!!) Martin
  5. China....just look at the air pollution! BTW, the chickens are for the sweet and sour chicken. Yum!!! Martin
  6. I'll put in another contender (as I am originally from the UK too)... How about the English Electric Lightning doing a mass stream take off.......(yes... I can remember that!) More recently I was at Bruntingthorpe and was standing very close to the runway when a Lightning did a thunder run. It literally hurt my ears! Martin
  7. I think my favorite team has to be The Blue Angels.....twin engined fighter jets and very agile. While I have seen Fat Albert perform, it did not do a JATO. I first saw the Blues at Finningley (UK) on a VERY overcast day many years ago. I saw them again at Indianapolis about 9 years ago on a very sunny and very clear day. Brilliant! I saw the Thunderbirds at Waddington and must admit that I was not impressed at all. As for the Red Arrows.....they are up there with the very top teams and continue to do so. (How about some red Eurofighters???!!) I still remember the red Gnat days....
  8. Yes, the Americans seem more reserved in their flying. I am from the UK originally and went to many RIATs and other shows. I had seen the USAF fly the F-15 a few times, but they was a very conservative shows. I went to Waddington one year and the Israelis flew the F-15 I and WOW.....they really showed how to fly it! It put the American's to shame. Other favorite displays have been the Su-27 Flankers and the MiG-29's.......happy days!
  9. Ok....I got something like it following your instructions. It is a bit difficult to stall the F-18 though, what with all those high lift devices! I will have another go on another aircraft..... Thanks for your input!
  10. Hi all Here is a link to a somewhat awesome display by a Swiss F-18... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tqXKPQqfA4 I am left wondering.....the pilot does a kind of controlled flat spin while descending a number of times during the display. How does one replicate that maneuver in flight sim with regards to control inputs and power settings...? Any ideas...? Thanks Martin
  11. Student to pilot: Are you SURE this is an ekranoplan really is?
  12. I've heard of walking on water, but......???? Really!!!
  13. I distinctly remember telling the chief mechanic to put floats on these two planes......
  14. Look, just because that British test pilot wore a suit while flying and rolled the Vulcan does not mean that you can do the same with our cargo plane!!
  15. Thanks for the birthday salutations Joe.
  16. Good idea! Thanks Joe.....I'll give that a try. Martin (AKA birthday boy (today))
  17. You guys seem to know a lot of fixes that I used to be ignorant about before I joined this site, so I wonder if you can help here..... I am using FSX Gold in Windows 7. We know that FSX is 'buggy', but does anyone know of a fix for 'sticking throttle' sounds. I often will fly a while and when I change the throttle setting, the engine sounds do not alter unless I press 'Q' on the keyboard to turn the sound off for a few moments, then press 'Q' again to restart the sound, which seems to alter the sound to how it should. Thanks in advance. Martin
  18. Just Flight have released their VC-10 Professional today. It includes the Super VC-10 and some RAF machines.......gotta love those RAF tankers!! Regards Martin
  19. Some interesting points there Alan. I became aware of the 'super stall' effect on the Hunter when flying the Just Flight example in FSX, and soon realized that I had to be careful in tight loops or turns!! It will be interesting to see if anyone takes out a private prosecution. I seem to recall that the owner of the Hunter paid out some compensation though, but of course, no amount of money will bring a person back. A very sad event that happened and hopefully, lessons will be learned.
  20. I guess that this will stir up a hornet's nest, but here goes....... So the pilot of the Hunter that crashed has been found 'not guilty' of manslaughter. I find this decision a bit difficult, so bear with me..... Experienced pilots have mentioned that they thought that something was wrong at the start of the loop and that he started too low. I believe one expert was the owner and pilot of the Hunter, 'Miss Demenor'. It has been suggested that he could have executed an escape maneuver but pressed on with tragic consequences....... So...putting this into an everyday situ
  21. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No-eyed deer! (No idea!!)
  22. I guess that in comparison, it is not too bad. I used to make models on a semi-professional basis. For an example, I bought a Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 Flanker to make (and add to my stash). This cost about 90GBP. It needed correction sets to correct inaccuracies......about another 60GBP. A nice detailed cockpit...approx. 30 GBP...resin exhausts......probably 15 GBP....then paint....resin wheels to replace the vinyl ones and before you know it, a 95GBP model goes up to approx. 250 GBP!! At least with flight sim, the program is there and you don't have to spend 50 plus hours to assemble it an
  23. Is it me or do the clouds move a lot faster in Oz......???? Actually..it is good footage and a great find! Coming from the UK, I was surprised when I first saw a severe storm here in the USA, to see lightning constantly flickering....it was like a strobe light!!! It kind of spooked me at first.... Martin
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