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  1. And he can get all that treatment whilst at Her Majesty's pleasure.
  2. Brett, As in my earlier response to Paul, detail and intent is often lost in the brevity of posts. Simple questions provide no indication of the writers level of experience or understanding, often resulting in simple responses, or responses which could be taken as “spoon feeding” to someone with a higher level of knowledge than they made apparent. In your case, it wasn’t that I had taken taken offence to anything you had written, it was simply that it didn’t make logical sense to me. As my response to you highlights, all 1,750 words of it, brevity is often inadequate in
  3. Grumman A-6 Intruder variant. The speed brakes and position of the refueling probe are the dead give away. The tail hook merely confirmed it being a carrier borne variant of an aircraft.
  4. Brett, My question was more one of clarification because I couldn't clearly see the intent of your statement. You focus your comment on price and in the same context talk about fairness and impartiality. What about all the other considerations and assessments which are done against a product? In the case of aircraft add-ons, an MH review makes assessments across seven discrete categories, all weighted equally. You also erroneously quote an average $50.00 (sic) price tag for an A2A product. This is misleading in itself as the $50.00 (sic) A2A product is a single platform
  5. Well that killed any thoughts of it being even remotely hard, John. Well done.
  6. Excellent points all round Brett, but the above point confuses me in what you are trying to say.
  7. The thread has been quiet for a while, probably because finding an aircraft which will present even a slight challenge to devotees here is getting more and more difficult. So, let's try this one!
  8. Paul, OK, after a fresh download and reinstall of the Beechcraft 350i, there is still no joy on the landing gear condition lights. As for the Tomahawk though, I will beg to differ. Without doing a reinstall, the ADF radio tuning is functional. Now, I will point out something here about the ADF radio on earlier Alabeo and Carenado models. In the earlier models, the tuning of the ADF radio did not use the tuning knobs on the right hand side as later models do, it is done by + / - click spots below each digit (except the thousands digit) of the Standby Frequency (to the ri
  9. Paul, I fully understand and realise some intent and detail is lost in the brevity of posts. As it was about 12.30 am (my time) when I made my post I didn’t have the chance to do a reinstall of the B350i. Let me do that and I’ll report back on the landing gear light issue. I will also have a look at the Alabeo Tomahawk too (maybe here I should admit to owning all the Alabeo and Carenado products, except some of the special Alabeo models, i.e. Gee Bee, etc.). We all have our respective levels of what we are prepared to accept as reasonable or prepared to live with for th
  10. Paul, If you go to the AVSIM Carenado (UNOFFICIAL) Support Forum you will find a great deal of detailed (pessimistic) views on all the Carenado models, including the Beechcraft 350i. These seem to be written by real world pilots expecting a perfect flight sim add-on which matches the real world aircraft 100%, and nothing less. Reality is, the Carenado add-ons are a US$34.95 to US$39.95 (mostly) product for use on a flight simulator which is, at best, for entertainment purposes. You will see contradicting posts on the AVSIM Forum regarding the 350i landing gear lights, a
  11. Tim, There are actually three versions to choose from, two turboprop versions being the PA-46T Malibu JetPROP and the PA-46T 500TP Malibu Meridian, and the PA-46 Malibu Mirage 350P. As the PA-46T 500TP Malibu Meridian is NOT ON SALE, I assume you are looking at either the PA-46T Malibu JetPROP or the PA-46 Malibu Mirage 350P. The PA-46 Malibu Mirage 350P has traditional instrumentation whereas the PA-46T Malibu JetPROP has a Garmin G500 PFD / MFD. Performance wise, there is not as big an increase in speed in the turboprop as you might expect. I guess it gets
  12. I’m just astounded that we hadn’t heard of this before. Maybe there is a lack of fart facts that can be plagiarised and regurgitated, ad infinitum. There’s a thought though! With the right subject material, you could just keep responding to people’s posts just so you have the last say, at the same time taking the thread further and further away from the original topic until you get around to discussing power generation in China. This could give people the shits enough that the resultant overload of flatulence generated could be stored on a fart grid, thereby reducing shortages duri
  13. Not there yet though. The original Sun Flyer 2 prototype has been around since March 2016 with a three hour endurance. Both the Sun Flyer 2 and Sun Flyer 4, which was announced back in July 2017, are yet to receive FAA certification approval.
  14. Ah, you see, there is the other deception in my cunning plan, one which you have obviously missed. Who had the Baton to pass to me, and where was that person when my adventure concluded? There's nothing up my trouser leg, but the Baton is where?
  15. Ah, Cambodia! I hated it when I first flew here back in the late 1960’s and I still hate it now. Back then, though, I wasn’t spending much time on the ground in the country. However, since then, Cambodia has been good to me and it has made me a wealthy man, flying any cargo for profit - and I do mean “any”'. It all started when I was flying for Air America and when those operations ceased in the mid 1970’s I took leave of my service to the government. I slipped into Phnom Penh and set myself up as a mercenary pilot for hire and I would take on any job, just as long as the price was right. Afte
  16. Cheer up, Martin. You know what they say.Some things in life are bad,They can really make you mad.Other things just make you swear and curse.When you're chewing on life's gristle,Don't grumble, give a whistle!And this'll help things turn out for the best And Always look on the bright side of life!
  17. Joe, You could be waiting quite a while for that sale then. As a general rule, Alabeo and Carenado exclude their most recent productions from sales for some time. As for it being worth it, you ask a simple question to a not so simple answer. As the Head of Reviews for Mutley's Hangar, I have written many reviews on Alabeo aircraft, but I have only had time to have a cursory look at the M20 so far, and it is good. So, my simple answer is yes, it is worth it. However, your post strongly suggests you are driven primarily by cost and on that basis, you could be setting your
  18. Shit...I hadn't realised, but that's the BEST Brian's looked in years.
  19. And Clive Palmer's mining and financial empire has collapsed with him currently in front of the courts. Nothing happening here at all.
  20. I resemble that remark, and it happens to be the right one at that.
  21. Fintan, The SPAD.neXt web site states it supports the X.52 controller. I don't have the controller so I don't personally know. That is the purpose and benefit of the 14 day free trial with the SPAD.neXt software...try before you buy.
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