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  1. Bob, Apologies, the dates on the Downloads page indicating availability of the subject files is incorrect. They should read 23 Mar 18, as per the Key Dates page. This is being corrected. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Cheers Andrew
  2. Toby, good to have you back again for another MEBAR. Dirk, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the experience of your first MEBAR. Cheers Andrew
  3. This video appears to be a montage of a series of different flights, some of which appear to have a dummy pilot and not a real human. This is evidenced in the contraption having some serious weight and balance issues in several shots, but flying high and smooth in others. Other shots seem to show the head of the dummy sitting at strange angles with the head mounted camera pointing at strange angles that would catch more cloud than anything else. There also appears to be insufficient battery stowage to power the motors for the required lift over the flight duration. All in all a nic
  4. On the Forum Home Page, just above the various Forum sections, there is a LARGE ATWC banner with the words, "Click Here", in the top left corner. If you click on it, it will take you to all the necessary information regarding the ATWC, including links at the bottom to the "Intro". In the "Intro" it explains clearly how simple it is to register. Just in case you still can't find it, click on this link,
  5. Martin, All’s well that ends well, but I think you severely understate the magnitude of the upgrade on your graphics card if the old card had a VGA connection.
  6. That is because the LNM installation process is not a true installation, i.e. it just copies the files into the specified directory structure. You need to create a Shortcut on the Desktop. This Shortcut needs to point to the littlenavmap.exe.
  7. Try a Google search! You might find this, but don't hold your breath. www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_YYSwXn3fQ
  8. Neither the Carenado web site or SVS documentation specifically mention licence renewal. However, the cost of the product is a licence, at approximately US$10 a year, to access the SVS cloud service which provides the 3D terrain data. The SVS uses WebSimConnect, a software framework for developers, to connect to the SVS cloud service. All Carenado G1000 equipped aircraft have been updated on a “fitted for” basis to use the SVS cloud service. As for aircraft by other developers, those individual developers have to enable their products using the WebSimConnect framework for the aircr
  9. Yeah, looking like the forlorn puppy in the window with his sad face, droopy ears, and sloppering, moist tongue hanging out.
  10. So I guess this means you can get to the flight sim show at Lelystad more easily.
  11. I know someone who would love to do a review on that chronograph, but he would also want it given to him for free.
  12. So if I dive feet first, I guess that's called a "jump".
  13. Matt, I'll beg to differ on both the designer and aircraft name. I think you will find the designer was Ottone Baggio and the aircraft is the Baggio Il Gallo. Gallo being Italian for rooster, and the aircraft does the regular airshow circuit in Italy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baggio_Il_Gallo
  14. Considering you had been back on the site multiple times in the 24 hrs since the solution was posted, including reading this thread, and raising yet another detailed problem in another thread (don’t you just hate Forum tracking), I guess work must get real busy for you on Sunday’s too. The posted solution is not a “suggestion”, as you put it, it is a permanent fix, otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I know this because I spent a good part of that time into the small hours testing it before posting the solution.
  15. I’m so glad I could solve your JF DHC-1 Chipmunk fuel problem for you. No, really, don’t mention it, the pleasure was all mine. I enjoy nothing more than to spend my time solving other people’s problems for them, sitting up into the early hours responding, rather than going to bed and worrying about it in the morning, just so an immediate fix was provided for you. But to not even receive a simple acknowledgement or thanks. Good luck with your next problem, but don’t expect the same level of assistance to be forthcoming. In future you might find more than just a simple f
  16. Obviously, my answer was nothing to crow about.
  17. The JF DHC-1B Chipmunk is meant to supply fuel from both tanks and does not have a fuel tank selector. The only fuel control is the fuel cock, to the left of the control column, which only switches the fuel supply off and on. Such problems as you describe, are normally a simple issue with the [fuel] section of the aircraft config file (the [fuel] section is towards the bottom of the file, just before the [EFFECTS] and [airplane_geometry] sections. In this case, in order to correct the problem, make the following edit: number_of_selectors=2 (on install, it is set to 1).
  18. Did you redownload the updated P3D v4 version from your JF account!!!
  19. Well, if the aircraft registration was OO-SBD, it could be the beginning of the fatal flight of Sabena Flight 503, which crashed in Monte Terminillo on 13 February 1955.
  20. I clearly revealed too much of the fuselage. Curtiss-Wright C-76 Caravan it is. Over to you Alan.
  21. To kick it off for 2018 and following John's suggestion of only providing portions of the aircraft from which to try and identify it.
  22. And now for a weather update. In Torquay, Victoria, Australia it is hot. What am I saying!!! I should say the whole state of Victoria, and throw in South Australia, and Tasmania to boot. Anyway, at least locally, after an overnight low of 16C (at 2.00am), it was 21C by 7.00am, and had hit 38C at 11.00am. Not far before we hit the predicted max of 42C before a late afternoon cool change. More to follow.
  23. The “blowflies” (campers and tourists) have swarmed to the beaches here in Torquay. I am securely locked inside my house (bunker), finger hovering over the air conditioner control button in anticipation.
  24. Unfortunately the Law fails to state or provide a safe haven for the victims. Just as long as these perpetrators fly the flag of mental health issues as a defence, they are rarely held to account for their crimes. In the meantime, grieving families somehow have to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Then society is made to feel guilty because it didn't do enough to help the perpetrator in the first instance. Oh please, the humanity!!!
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