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  1. Thanks for sharing this link. Glad I got to see these fantastic pic's. I like the sound barrier images, looks like punching a hole into another dimention but some of the others are breathtaking.
  2. Thanks Joe, I'll take a look at it. I do have the DXTBmp and have just started playing around with repainting. Lot's to learn. Sorry about that, will start a new one with any more questions.
  3. @Joe, I tried putting lettering on my D-3 like you have but it seems to get mirrored on the other side. Is there a way to keep this from happening? Nice picks Paul, the scenery looks great too.
  4. Not to shabby either, a couble of mil to fix the mistakes they left in the last version, spread over a couple of years, wouldn't kill them (but I get your point). Although that would put a dent in their bonus money. Don't forget to add creative book keeping into your figures. So what your saying is big business doesn't really owe their customers any loyalty because after all it's just in the business to make as much money as they can so they can be more loyal to the stockholders. Call me naive and we can leave it at that. If my post sounds mean I apologize, it really is a pleasure to talk to
  5. I understand what your saying John, that doesn't mean I still think it's right. I was talking about "excessive" profit at the expense of there customers. I think they could of still made money with FSX and also produced addons for it, to produce a profit. A combination of FSX and some of the improvements of Flight would have made sense. Flight just made more sense to them from a profit standpoint because its closed and they could start from scratch(alot of addons already out there for FSX). I find it funny that they worked with all the 3rd party companies that produce content for FSX, all budd
  6. I agree that they need to make money but I don't like the way that it's never enough money for them. This in turn lets them sit on there high horse and believe that giving us less for our money is okay in there eyes. You can call it capitalism, which I believe in, but I call it greed at this point in time. This way of thinking also allowed them to feel that improving FSX was not worth the money even at the cost of alianating a what they felt was a small previous customer base. Looking at it this way makes me feel that they did indeed "owe" us at least updated or SP version of FSX. It's not j
  7. Great out-takes and a small improvement over FSX on crash simulation.
  8. You mean the science "fiction" writer Ron L, Hubbard that created it. No, I'm sure there's a chance that this is a real religion. Not to worry Andrew.
  9. Nice and clean looking, I would feel safe shipping my cargo in them.
  10. I can see I am going to have trouble right off the bat, I would have given my workers two slices of bread with peanut butter. I really need to start thinking "Overhead". Thanks for the replys guys.
  11. I'm willing to stick my neck out and say "Fake". All you need to do is watch an actual bird in flight and see the complex workings of their wings to know that the little flapping thats going on here is just not enough to create lift for a 100+ pound man. I will give them points for a darn good job of faking it though.
  12. Sounds like things are looking up. I just ordered AH(waiting somewhat patiently) and although I am looking forward to it, the program sounds like a real uphill battle to get a company to not only make money but get and keep a good rep. Is it best to keep it small and just rely on myself as a pilot or to always keep building it up adding other pilots and aircraft?
  13. Great pic's. That panel sure does have alot of gauges. It sure is a big one, does this mean we won't have to carry as much cargo ourselves since it will all fit in your plane?
  14. Hi Dia, It was that, a learning curve. Now I prep everything before hand. Flight plans(PlanG of course) for the legs are all done at the same time and saved/named Leg 1,2..so they are easy to find when loading the flights. I set up the flights including aircraft, nav radios, trim, heading bug, fuel, payload and so on. I then have a folder on my desktop with all the approach plates and rally info.
  15. I have only flown in a few rallys and was nervous the first time around. It was a new experiance flying from one airport to the next within a fixed time. Flight planning was now not just a line on the GPS but has turned into a path in which now included Time-Speed and Distance. I'm glad I did it. I felt like more of a pilot and have since joined Bluegrass Airlines and plot my own courses and try to fly within the flight plan time that is suggested.(A big thanks to Andrew Godden for all his guidence) Take the plunge and join in, It will add a whole new level to your sim experiance and you can o
  16. Is that a rhetorical question?
  17. Thanks John, really enjoyed that. Would love to get the chance to fly in one for real. It's in beautiful shape. I recently purchased the Aerosoft Beaver and have been flying it almost exclusively, sweet aircraft. The procedures and gauges readings were spot on when compared to how I fly it, which was fun to see. There are some good mods availible for the gauges and popups too. I have it set up with a few other things added also, like a pocket watch for timing flights. I added a AP but hardly ever use it she flies so true. Love the video and song too, you know you have a classic, on hand, when
  18. I can fly, I only had 10 beers. Now if I could only get this stupid key in the ignition.........
  19. I only see two in the air and what looks like one on the ground(unconfirmed guess)
  20. I just did this with ImageShack. The link you need is called a Direct Link(url) in ImageShack but not sure if it's called the same thing in Picasa. It looks like this : http://img109.images...lseacoast06.jpg Also given, with my upload, is a link, the direct link and a widget code. The above link you have given might be just the link address which sents us directly to it's location vs the direct link which the page will pick up to show the image itself. Hopefully someone with acces to your host will be able to provide you with the correct terminology used there. Edit Ok for you, it showed
  21. If you want the image to show in the post you will need to first click on the img buttton on the tool bar and paste the link into the popup that shows up and then click OK. Is this what you are asking. Nice clear pic BTW.
  22. Thanks for that Joe, I'll match it up to the flights once they are posted. I just download the whole OZx airport scenery package and my poor old laptop just about choked but there is always room for a bit more.
  23. I'd be willing to give it a go if you need an extra pilot. Scored around 97% at GAAR, not great but not to shabby either.
  24. Is there any freeware scenery availible for FSX that will improve upon this series of flights?
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