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  1. Hopefully, in the future, python purses and shoes will come into vouge. The best way to get rid of an animal population is for it to become a financal windfall for hunters. I kind of feel sorry for that poor python in that news story, talk about your eyes being bigger than your stomach. Thats what happens when you go shopping for food when your hungry I guess.
  2. Enjoyed your "screeneo", made a crummy weather day look exciting.
  3. Most snakes are ok in my book but I definetly wouldn't want to see one poking his head out of the dashboard of my car much less while in the air. I think my wife would have jumped out, with or without a chute.
  4. Nice pic's. I feel like I have seen them somewhere before. deja vu
  5. The good side of this is learning how to do new things in FSX , the bad side is there is less time for flying.
  6. I finally got my first 3D created scenery to show up, I had mentioned this above, about having trouble with it. I made an airport sign with flower bed in Instant Object Maker. I can see where I need to tighten up my polygon seams but other than that it was a fun project to do and actually looks pretty cool IMO. Now the possibilites are endless. Thought I would share it with you all. Next on the list is figuring out how to change ground textures.
  7. Surprise! http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/snakes-plane-australian-pilot-makes-emergency-landing-discovering-140345209.html
  8. Great shots, super video and excellent landing.
  9. First time I watched one of your videos in HD, That looks nice and sharp. btw Nice move after picking up the first aerocache
  10. Hi Dai, Thanks for bringing that up, it was something I had thought about since I had inadvertently got a look at an P3D instruction page from a web site of his. Jim Keir wants $60 bucks for the new Mission Editor, that seems a bit much but I guess is the going Commercial price. Has he made any improvements to the editor itself or just the simvar extention, that you know of? That also answers the question of why he has pretty much dried up support for the FSX version over the past year or two. He was working on porting it over to P3D. He has also shut down the update server that would automati
  11. Thanks for the support. Nothing like thinking outloud and hearing all the answers echo back.
  12. It's the start of something beautiful(remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder): (KHZL) The C152 was also my first try at a full repaint.
  13. That's funny, I even answered in that post. Didn't understand it's concept as much as I do now but saved it for a rainy day. The tip will now come in handy as I had incorrectly saved an even bigger file that I can now save from the scrap heap. Ray's post: http://forum.mutleys...enery-xml-file/ Thanks a bunch, Brett Now how do we remark this thread as solved(as soon as I solve this )
  14. I just made a quick test scenery and it did indeed create a bgl. Here is what the xml(if done properly ) should look like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <FSData version="9.0"><!-- Library sceneryObject: gen_hangar08 --><SceneryObject lat="40.988352" lon="-75.991655" alt="0.000000" pitch="0.000000" bank="0.000000" heading="0.000000" imageComplexity="VERY_SPARSE" altitudeIsAgl="TRUE"><LibraryObject name="2D20884C452CA458623CCBB41957D14B" scale="1.000000"/></SceneryObject></FSData> [/CODE] What sent me on the right track was seeing the word
  15. Ah ha, could this be the problem. From the link in Dai's post Will have to make another xml and see what happens. Edit Sorry John I keep posting over you. I'm using the OPT. I am used to saving twice in mission making(when leaving the OPT) and it appears as this is what I did wrong.
  16. Thanks John, I finally got it by adding the extentions to both and then saw Dai's post and was writing/typing really slow when you answered. I will try and muddle through it. No better time then now to learn whats going on with this Command Prompt I have always heard about. Heres the xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="MissionFile" version="1,0"> <Title>My_Airport_Hanger</Title> <WorldBase.Flight> <SceneryObjects.LibraryObject InstanceId="{2E163F59-5E4B-47F9-9BBD-F9F6FC1A3C48}"> <Descr>gen_flagpol
  17. Hi Dai, I have a couple of issues. I read about creating a bgl and it was a matter of placing the scenery in free flight and hitting save scenery in the OPT. It created an xml and I was trying to turn it into a bgl. Simple right? I also have Instant Object Maker and it is not placing the scenery I created. It does create the bgl and texture files. I will check out the link. I was just trying to create a base airport for no particular reason except to learn how to do it. I already flew leg 3 for Team A, things are a bit busy around here latly and I can't fly the whole MEBAR right now. I do ha
  18. There is no right way to tell Sarah. Just like you do when taking off a Band-Aid...do it quick and hop around to stay away from the pain.
  19. Thanks for the reply John Newb Alert I have never worked with the Command Prompt before so please bear with me. I did a search and found out that I need to type in CD(change directory) after the C:\Windows\system32> in the CP window. I have tried many combo's after that but nothing worked so far. I tried going to the folder first and then putting the bglcomp after the > of the folder name and also having the path go straight through. I even tried adding .exe after the bglcomp because it mentioned it in the SDK. So what exactly do I type in after ...32>? My path is C:\Users\Brett\De
  20. I'm trying to create a BGL from an XML that I made in the OPT. The OPT created the scenery XML and placed in in my FSX documents folder. I then placed it in a folder on my desktop along with a copy of the BglComp.exe” and “bglcomp.xsd. I try the old drag and drop with the XML and it does not create the BGL in the folder although the command box thingee shows for a half a second. Anyone know why this is not working for me? Please keep in mind that I am not a code wiz. I did a search for an answer and the only thing I came up with is to do it manually, which was a bit beyond me, using a command
  21. I feel the power Alan.
  22. That is one of the most realistic paints on a war bird I have seen. Super job of making it look like it's been through the ringer a few times.
  23. I took the time to read this and also the comments. Sounds like folks wanna like it but M$ is still just not listening. They also make very few comments about the posts. Very guarded, gee wiz its only a game not national security.
  24. Hmmmmm, sounds like a third party to me. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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