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  1. Sounded like Josh was trying to convince himself that he has made the right choices.
  2. That's a kool site, thank's for the heads up. I love flying in nasty weather.
  3. Thanks for posting these Sam. I downloaded Flight but now I am not sure if I am going to install it. The scenery looks nice but was surprised by the cotton ball clouds in the 4th video, they were all lined up in rows. I think Orbx does just as nice of a job with scenery, almost looks like they copied it a bit from them. The mesh and textures were really nice, especially around the shore line. I did go to Hawaii once but it looked alot more like jungle than what is shown here. The voice of the guy in the 3rd vid sounds like the bus driver from the Loppy Larry mission from FSX, doesn't it?. I wo
  4. Awwww, that's just..........sad
  5. Hi guys, Not the best writer in the world but i'll give this a go, Purchased this product for a reasonable price, IMO, and am happy with the results. Installation was easy. It seems to work on all the aircraft I have tested it on so far with a few little differences when applied to payware aircraft that already has great sound files already. It is a bit harder to hear certain things in this case. The way they have incorperated the adjustment panel is above and beyond and works like a charm. Adjusting sound levels or turning them on and off for each aircraft is ingenous and easy to accomplish
  6. I'll vote....Dissapointed, not betrayed. I have put to much time in fsx and can fly anywhere in the world I want, when I want in almost any aircraft I want(thanks developers). For what I got for the money, you will not hear any complaints from me, just plenty of questions and cries for help.
  7. brett

    Bonanza time

    Sweet, really like the pin strip work.
  8. brett

    BAD or MAD?

    I agree with ya John, very addictive. I tried the demo a while back and couldn't stay away from it. Made a killing in the stock market and was hauling cargo in a CRJ700. I was putting in full work days with overtime. Reading the guys latest tales in AH land has me iching to have another go at it. I am almost afraid to start up with it again but maybe the next time it goes on sale it might put me over the ledge and I will take the plunge.....
  9. Thanks for the reminder, I couln't remember their last names when I posted. Good to know the censor is working though. When does all the info on the MEBAR come about? I flew a few flights from last year, for fun, after the fact but this will be my first with you guys in real time. I have flown in two GAR's so far and it adds a bit of excitment to free flying. I am getting better at it and might even have the confidence to join your team next time around. This years GARR was a tough one for me with the added cargo and blind times. Could not get my Beaver up and over those mountains and come in
  10. Reminds me of old Dan and ****'s Laugh-In show, I'm expecting Goldie Hawn to pop out of the canopy. edit ooops Look's like I have been censored, sorry, I meant the nickname of Richard.
  11. That is a great tutorial on making scenery "stick" in your sandbox but I'm not sure I understand what the software program does that the BglComp.exe in the SDK dosen't. You already need the SDK to use their software. Once you place the objects and make the xml by clicking on Save Scenery button in the OPT and place it someware you can remember where you put it you then just need to drag the xml over the BglComp.exe and it creates the bgl for you(takes a few seconds sometimes and will appear in the same folder as your xml). If I am wrong on this, I have placed stuff in missions but never mad
  12. Sorry to be blunt but I would leave Flight to a game console and stick with FSX on my PC. Points for money is just stupid. Wish I could be as eloquent as yous guys.
  13. Really like the angles of your shots.
  14. I wouldn't go as far as to say that this aircraft is an ugly duckling(close) but you have definitely improved the look of it with these paint jobs.
  15. Best wishes Alan, Hope your back on the rudder pedals in no time. Get well soon, Brett
  16. Big thanks for hooking me up with the diagrams for GARR. Just finished downloading them, I used them last year too and they were nicely done up and a pleasure to use right on my desktop during the flight. Just to note that when doing a search from the download page, the ICAO code, for a few of them, would come up as not found. Using the name of the airport would then produce the desired result. Odd, no? Again, thanks for adding to the pleasure of flying in FSX, Brett
  17. K, thanks. That was my next step. I was thinking it was just something easy I had missed and that others might have gone through and figured out already. Edit Author replied and is offering support. I will post results.
  18. Yes I have, John, I downloaded/reinstalled it again just to make sure. Started with a fresh flight and different aircraft just to make sure it wasn't happing from a saved flight. FSX still stops responding. The pdf's open fine on their own and i shouldn't think it matters where I store the files either. Another "Why always my computer?" moment.
  19. Hi Guys and Gals, Little problem, I have installed the pdf Kneeboard mentioned above. Created a folder called modules in MSFSX folder and put the dll in it. Added code to FSX DLL.xml and the addon does appears in my menu bar. I can open it, in game and get a small grey box with PDF Kneeboard acroos the top. Now when I try to open a pdf from the popup, it crashes my sim. The pdf's I am using were placed in a folder in my download section. I run FSX w/SP2 on the Vista OS. Any help would be appreciated. :)Trying to get this up and running correctly so I can use it for the GARR2012
  20. Hi All, If no one minds me popping in here, I have a question. I wanted to add a logo to the tail of my dhBeaver. I opened the DDS and found the tail and side sections. I reversed the image, opened it in Paint.net, and placed the logo I wanted. I also added some text on door and sides. 1. The port side looks good for logo and text but the starboard side logo is reversed but not the text, in FSX, although it all looks good in the DDS. 2. A bit of the lettering on the door is cut off even though the image shows the full side of aircraft. Where did I go wrong? Here is the reversed image be
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