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  1. Ah ha, could this be the problem. From the link in Dai's post Will have to make another xml and see what happens. Edit Sorry John I keep posting over you. I'm using the OPT. I am used to saving twice in mission making(when leaving the OPT) and it appears as this is what I did wrong.
  2. Thanks John, I finally got it by adding the extentions to both and then saw Dai's post and was writing/typing really slow when you answered. I will try and muddle through it. No better time then now to learn whats going on with this Command Prompt I have always heard about. Heres the xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="MissionFile" version="1,0"> <Title>My_Airport_Hanger</Title> <WorldBase.Flight> <SceneryObjects.LibraryObject InstanceId="{2E163F59-5E4B-47F9-9BBD-F9F6FC1A3C48}"> <Descr>gen_flagpol
  3. Hi Dai, I have a couple of issues. I read about creating a bgl and it was a matter of placing the scenery in free flight and hitting save scenery in the OPT. It created an xml and I was trying to turn it into a bgl. Simple right? I also have Instant Object Maker and it is not placing the scenery I created. It does create the bgl and texture files. I will check out the link. I was just trying to create a base airport for no particular reason except to learn how to do it. I already flew leg 3 for Team A, things are a bit busy around here latly and I can't fly the whole MEBAR right now. I do ha
  4. There is no right way to tell Sarah. Just like you do when taking off a Band-Aid...do it quick and hop around to stay away from the pain.
  5. Thanks for the reply John Newb Alert I have never worked with the Command Prompt before so please bear with me. I did a search and found out that I need to type in CD(change directory) after the C:\Windows\system32> in the CP window. I have tried many combo's after that but nothing worked so far. I tried going to the folder first and then putting the bglcomp after the > of the folder name and also having the path go straight through. I even tried adding .exe after the bglcomp because it mentioned it in the SDK. So what exactly do I type in after ...32>? My path is C:\Users\Brett\De
  6. I'm trying to create a BGL from an XML that I made in the OPT. The OPT created the scenery XML and placed in in my FSX documents folder. I then placed it in a folder on my desktop along with a copy of the BglComp.exe” and “bglcomp.xsd. I try the old drag and drop with the XML and it does not create the BGL in the folder although the command box thingee shows for a half a second. Anyone know why this is not working for me? Please keep in mind that I am not a code wiz. I did a search for an answer and the only thing I came up with is to do it manually, which was a bit beyond me, using a command
  7. I feel the power Alan.
  8. That is one of the most realistic paints on a war bird I have seen. Super job of making it look like it's been through the ringer a few times.
  9. I took the time to read this and also the comments. Sounds like folks wanna like it but M$ is still just not listening. They also make very few comments about the posts. Very guarded, gee wiz its only a game not national security.
  10. Hmmmmm, sounds like a third party to me. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  11. It seems, to me, that Flight should be considered as a contender in the category or genre of flight simmulators. Regardless of the differances of opinion on it's validity in this regard, it does in it's own way simmulate flight in a valid environment. If the forum lies stagnate for a set length of time than it could be considered ready for the garbage bin. On the other hand, if it is utilized then it has a right to stay here along with all the other enteresting sections.
  12. Richard is a natural and just posted a great time with no tutoring needed. Look out rally world, I think we just created a monster.
  13. Congrats on the win Clem, it is a super shot.
  14. Congrats on your company doing so well and I dig the shiny new plane your sporting.
  15. Hi Graham, I never said it wasn't great stuff, It's amazing stuff. Just out of my price range. I did download the PNW demo and was really impressed with what they have done. Big differance when you fly out of the covered area. My thoughts were more, just wish it was cheaper so this poor old fart could afford it. Just grumbling out loud. Maybe when Flight takes over the sim world all the FSX addons will go in the bargin bin.
  16. Thanks Dai, the link is now included in my How To_ folder. I never played with it before and it sure looks like it will be a fun thing to try.
  17. Cancer is a terrible thing and it takes away our loved ones before there time. I too have lost both my parents and in-laws to cancer. There is not much one can say to another, during these sad times, to alleviate your grief. What I will say is that I believe in God and heaven and that your Mum is in His hands and now at peace. My prayers are with you and your family at this time.
  18. The problem lies in the fact that I fly all over the place and would get bored flying out of the same place. I have free ORBX airports and some others and they are nice but I tend to fly a few flights out of there and then move on. It's a big world out there, lots to see and not enough time to fly it all. I could see basing an airport for AHauler and getting a nice airport to fly out of but even then I notice you guys changing bases all the time. I tend to agree that it is more of impulse purchases and must haves than anything else. How many folks here have stuff that they haven't seen in a lo
  19. Well I do enjoy a good whiskey anyway. As far as women, I was always afraid that if I figured them out God would strike me dead, no one is allowed to understand them or our whole world as we know it would collapse. Your really just allowed to Think you understand them.
  20. I realize that these folks put alot of work into this stuff but am I the only poor dude out here that coulndn't possibly afford all these addon's at these prices? 5-10 bucks for scenery and 20 for aircraft sounds more resonable for the cream of the crop. If these companes are making money than people must have an awful lot of spare money to burn because as a retired fixed income guy this stuff is way out of my reach.
  21. I'm flying on Team A with Kieran and Richard. Just wanted to wish everyone on both teams Good Luck and to enjoy a safe trip. Both teams are flying the DC-3 and it will be interesting to see how the things will workout in the end. I did hear a whisper about a Mutley Hanger "2012 Duel of the Dak's" but did my best to squash it, reminding the person that this is just a friendly rally with no competition involved.
  22. Well said John, I do find your views hard to argue because you don't leave yourself wide open and prefer to stick to the finer points of an argument. Good writing skills are also a plus.
  23. Amazing shots, love the second from last one.
  24. Great job Dia, really enjoyable to watch with a fun twist right from the start.
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