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  1. Thank you sir, it was in response to your post and I meant to mention this but was having trouble with getting it to stick in this thread last night. Must have rewrote it 15 times. It is indeed a fine aircraft and a pleasure to fly low and slow. Big thanks to our top dog for his help.
  2. Final entry, dh80 Puss Moth leaving Plum Island(2B2), MA
  3. Clever, intelligent and hilarious. I'm glad he made it through the tough times. He was always a favorite when growing up and we all always tried to imitate that great snicker.
  4. brett


    Ha...no need too do that. Although I might show it to my wife and tell her it's all your fault that I spent more money on "My silly hobby".
  5. brett


    Thanks for the reply. I have purchased a few AC's in the past and most are pretty sweet, unfortunately they are so detailed that my frame rates take a major hit on my low end laptop. I will take a look at the Aerosoft model though, would like to add some of your textures, they are really good. You are gonna cost me a fortune with wanting to use your repaints. :biggrin:
  6. brett


    You sure do some excellent repaints and fast too. Does anyone know of a freeware link to this aircraft for FSX with a VC panel? I might consider a payware version but am low on funds. I did find one once with just the 2D panel and it flew real nice but I am so use to the VC's that I ended up deleting it from my hanger. I have trouble with flying the 2D panel, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to flight sim's and started with FSX. Appreciate any help with this.
  7. de Havilland DH-89a Dragon Rapide http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Dragon_Rapide
  8. I have heard that this is a ripoff of a freeware program(FlightGear) and has been talked about on other forums. Here is one http://www.squidoo.com/pro-flight-simulator-scam It is up to you to decide for yourself.
  9. I saw this aircraft in a video during an airline commercial and just recently downloaded it. A had to have it moment that sent me on a search quest, luckily it was available. Sweet flier that has been getting quite a bit of time air time on my machine. The AA texture is one of my favorites and enjoyed seeing your shots. I also have been using the float plane version for a change of pace (see Oct screenshot contest) and got hooked on pond hopping.
  10. Here's my second entry, couldn't help myself, contests are just to much fun. DH-89a Dragon Rapide fitted with Floats (All passengers are aboard Captain)
  11. Heres one link, also has a demo. http://www.asa2fly.com/Instrument-Refresher-An-IPC-Simulator--P478_product1.aspx
  12. Feedback is "Excellent job". As far as thanking me for viewing it.....The pleasure was all mine, thank you for posting it.
  13. Spectacular. Although heavy metal is not on the top of my list anymore, genre wise, there is something about ACDC that just makes you want to "Turn it Up". Just ask my neighbors.
  14. Really good program for making quick missions but I prefer the FSXMissionEditor by J.Kier for serious editing. Just my opinion.
  15. Looked so pretty I created a flight plan and flew it myself. Great area for low and slow valley flying. Thanks for the heads up to a great spot for sightseeing. Excellent pic's.
  16. Due to a lousy PC I wasn't going to enter the competition anymore but I was flying Panzerfodder's Victoria Island trip and just liked the view, so I snapped a shot. I said to myself, should I enter it anyway, answer, why not? De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth(One of my all time favorite aircraft) climbing out of Tofino(CYAZ).
  17. Congrats, beautiful shot. New it was a contender as soon as I saw it.
  18. Encore, Encore. Nice job. Is it OK that I giggled a bit during it?
  19. Ok, thanks. I kinda figured that was the problem. Surprising though.
  20. Great information that I have already saved to my hints and tips file. Thanks.
  21. Thanks for the reply. The free downloads were full AC, and I used there checkout like normal. I also created accounts with them first minus the credit info which they ask for only when doing the final checkout except in the case of free items. I use PayPal for purchases and do not give my credit card number out to the companies directly. In this case, they want me to create an account first(which includes the credit#) before going to the checkout section to have the AC sent to me. Maybe they do not use PayPal. In this day and age with our information being stolen from supposedly secure places
  22. I have never bought anything from there site before and filled out the survey but baulked at having to give my credit info(before checkout) to someone for a free item. If I liked the free gift then it would give me an idea about there products and then, more than likely, I would then buy a product from the site and at that point give them the credit card information. I have purchased items from FSAddon and CaptSim in the past after checking out a free download from them and they never required credit card info for the free items. I sent them an email explaining this but have not heard from the
  23. Glad the pilot is Ok. Also hate to see an old aircraft get damaged, not enough of them left. You can definitely hear the engine cutting out, not a good thing in a turn so low to the ground.
  24. Love the postcard, great job. You guys are doing great, I on the other hand took some really bad time hits on this, my first rally(I completed it already). Keep up the good work, I'm root'in for ya. Brett
  25. You are so correct , thanks for the correction. I was thinking of jets at the time and spoke/wrote out of turn. I should of added the old DC3 instead. Would still take the Turboprop over the jets although the sound sure can be penetrating to the eardrums with a headset on. On some AC's I even need to adjust the sound slider a bit. So I do not make any enemies here, I would also like to add that I do enjoy the big jets but we did only get three picks.
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