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  1. A 3-year-old boy examined his testicles while taking a bath. “Mom", he asked, "Are these my brains?" "Not yet" she replied.
  2. Looks like ATC was very accommodating considering you were overflying their airport and the city itself, made for great views of the tower and a beautiful cityscape too. Was your request a normal one for them? Thanks for the views.
  3. You have to hit those 'todays news' stories and get a video out as fast as possible. It will come, you make great videos.
  4. Now that is a good looking airplane, not to mention hitting 70,000 feet back in 1957. Impressive. Thanks for the look Frank.
  5. To construct a proper sentence it must include an Object.
  6. Great plane, great evening sky and a great videographer= Sunset Fun Thanks for bringing us along Doering.
  7. Hi Bogdan and welcome to the forums here at Mutley's Hangar. Although I prefer any aircraft from A2A due to their realism, Carenado birds due have their uses, want to take a quick flight with no pressure from said realism than these are the planes for you. They look good and usually fly by the numbers, through the years I have found some great fixes over at Avsim that make them very enjoyable to fly. Want to fly an aircraft no one else has, Carenado make a bunch. I might add that the C182 mentioned here has had many more fixes than most of their products had in FSX (listed below). I
  8. I can see why he (the Pilot) fell in love with his plane. In flight sims everyone has their favorite aircraft to fly and at the time the FSX Aerosoft Beaver had been one of my go-to planes, it allowed me to go in style to places I hadn't been to before. I only wish they would have placed the Manifold/RPM gauges up behind the throttle quadrant like the one you were flying. I'm sitting here right now daydreaming about it, lol. Thanks Frank, for this vid and it's amazing stories about King Kong. Who make the one you were flying?
  9. or the old fallback, Circumstantial evidence
  10. Obligations and responsibilities make you stronger, unfortunately for some it's a Burden.
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