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  1. Was for ETOPS testing on the RR Trent 1000 Ten engine
  2. I can think of a lot that goes with that Tim - but all will be banned! Ambulance chasing
  3. Just looked in my Junk emails and two emails from Photobucket appeared (amongst other crap), saying I have used excessive amounts of "3rd Party Hosting". Glad now I got annoyed with Photobucket several years ago (it seems!). It started to become slow, awkward to use and just looked appalling with adverts all over the page
  4. So much mayhem that the last leg hasn't been posted! Looking forward to the next world navigation. Hopefully I'll be able to do a few legs (even though sim time has been pratically 0 hours this year!)
  5. Great shots Peter. Looks like you enjoyed it!
  6. "This [grounding] followed the discovery of cracks in part of a low-pressure (LP) turbine section destined for one of the CFM Leap-1B engines that power the new aircraft." There's a good article (where the above quote came from) on Aviation Week Network (free registration required, which gives you a good newsletter every day of top stories) http://aviationweek.com/commercial-aviation/boeing-halts-737-max-flights-engine-inspections
  7. I'm always suspicious of these claims (both ways), when we don't know the exact paramteres of the test. There was a leaked LM pilot report a couple of years ago discussing a lack of energy in a close dogfight situation, against a F-15 (I think) with tanks on. However, I would guess a good F-35 pilot wouldn't get anywhere near a close dogfight situation, rather stand off and fire BVR. How often it would be required to do air-to-air combat is another matter. It was always said by Canberra pilots that they could run rings around a fighter at high altitude - until the fighter decided t
  8. Interesting. I wonder whether it is the Unreal 4 engine being used? Looks like it. Moving in the right direction
  9. I'm pretty happy where I am at the moment, although it's only a college work placement at present. Doing train and timetabling planning in Irish Rail (although just finished a two week transfer for a wheel project)
  10. Cracking view and congratulations Ed!
  11. Statement from CHC Helicopters available here: http://www.chcheli.com/node/71 Media are reporting difficult conditions at sea for recovery of anything
  12. Sad news to report as the wreckage is found. Rescue 116, the Dublin-based S-92 for the Irish Coast Guard, crashed approximately 9 nm off the Mayo coast near Blacksod lighthouse whilst coming in the refuel for top cover duties. 4 on board, with the Captain (Dara Fitzpatrick) having been rescued but sadly dying on reaching the hospital. Pilot Mark Duffy and winchmen Ciarán Smith and Paul Ormsby are still missing. I think all of them featured in the RTÉ fly-on-the-wall documentary a few years ago on the Waterford-based unit, Rescue 117 The rescue it was covering for (an a
  13. Fascinating pictures Sam! Although Alan - EMA comes to life at night and is relatively quiet during the day!
  14. PMDG release the 747-400 V2 FSX - http://pmdg.com/pages/product/FSX/744QOTSII.html P3D V3.x - http://pmdg.com/pages/product/P3D/744QOTSII.html
  15. Belated Happy Birthday Jess. Clearly you did have a good time!
  16. Lovely photo of the stage 2 high pressure turbine disk here http://www.ntsb.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/pr20161104.aspx
  17. If this year is anything to go by, FSX as I simply don't fly enough at the moment to justify any major changes. However, if the right sale comes along, who knows? I will be looking closely at the new Train Sim World by DTG using the Unreal4 engine (same one as for the new FS) and comparisons with the exisiting 32-bit game
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