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  1. Very belated Happy Birthday Alan! Hope you enjoyed the day!
  2. My grandfather was based in Gib for a couple of years tending to the coastal guns. Remembers taking a trip out on a Shackleton.....
  3. I was wondering what was missing when I checked in just now!
  4. Judging from where AvHerald is stating the crash site was, it appears to have taken off and turned right http://avherald.com/h?article=4b8bfb2d&opt=0
  5. John - http://avherald.com/h?article=49d2d7e3&opt=0 I must admit until reading the AvHerald report on the current incident I had forgotten about the incident in 2016
  6. EASA had issued an Airworthiness Directive regarding that particular CFM engine (CFM56-7B) to ultrasonically test each fan blade by the end of the year, but nothing from the FAA. That has since been done, for high-cycle (30000+) engines, with a Service Bulletin covering the rest. Very sad to hear of the fatality. And I too noticed the limited number wearing the masks correctly
  7. It seems as if we have upset him somehow. Don't know how though! Great leg John - a bit bigger than what you are used to!
  8. Interesting flight Steph! Apologies about the Vulcan - the owners were rather worried about what could happen to it!
  9. At the end of the last leg, I left you all wondering where I was, following the failure of the canopy on my Lightning. I was wondering that myself, and there appeared to be no-one around to ask. Surprisingly, mobile reception was also poor (considering the vast open space I was standing in), so it's taken me a while to source an alternative form of transportation to get to Simon Bolivar International (somewhere that, at this particular time, sounded like heaven) A few hours later, I managed to venture into the local town. San Juan de Marcona is a town of around 20,000 people with v
  10. With the recent build-up of Putinfeld's attempts at seizing the baton, quick turn-arounds and quick flights would be in order. Previously, I used the SR-71 to get from point to point quickly and (relatively) economically. With a 800nm flight ahead, my mind turned to what I could possibly lay my hand on to take me there. Logic dictated something reasonably big to handle the fuel load, but I decided on something a little more, well, sporty..... Yep, an English Electric Lightning F3. Maximum range is around 800 miles, but I wasn't planning to go direct...... J
  11. Yep. Daylight raids had an average loss rate of over 10% by the middle of 1941 - small formations were no match for the Luftwaffe (an experience the USAAF found at the start of their bombing offensive). Post D-Day there was quite a bit of daylight raids by the heavies as well - tactical at first then moving on to strategic. General description may be wrong but it looks good!
  12. The residents of Desierto de Atacama must have wondered what was happening between our departures! Great leg Matt!
  13. Thanks all for the comments! Getting away from the snow Joe?
  14. There was three options for getting off the island: Low and slow Low and fast High and fast Low and slow (a) was out of the question. With around 2,000nm to travel, there was no way I was hiring a little aircraft to spend my day looking at water. Plus considering recent events, when attempts were made to go low and slow (see Leg 20 Part 2) it didn't work out too well for the pilot or the challenge. Option 2 was considered. Low and fast. Sounds interesting. But high speed flight at low altitude uses vast amounts of fuel, and keeping that range was
  15. Great way to finish the section Jess - love the VC10!
  16. A nice relaxing read Mike!
  17. Incredible piece of writing Matt - thoroughly enjoyable!
  18. Just the thing to see when you are waiting to get on a 738!
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