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  1. Brilliant post John - it's all getting very real!
  2. Extremely sorry to hear that Ros. My condolences. Great section Joe - although I hope Plan-G does not mean that Plans A-F all didn't work!
  3. Great set of shots John - must watch out for the King Air around the place
  4. Bringing it back to something perhaps a touch more polite, toilet. Hit my head off enough toilet retention tanks at this stage!
  5. I was wondering why I got a Sentinel earlier on! Great trip John - be safe though!
  6. A few extra photos have been published of bits "in" Greenland https://avherald.com/h?article=4af15205&opt=0
  7. Another great leg Steph. It's one thing about this challenge - one story that gets taken on and changed with each leg. It's brilliant to see what other people think about it (even if it does mean changing your story to suit the last!)
  8. Brilliant leg there Joe - and a good few twists and turns!
  9. So that's what I blew off the runway...... And Joe - the money was just resting in that account!
  10. I've been following (from a distance) the B-21 programme. I didn't think anyone had been awarded it yet, or even funds allocated to it!
  11. Thanks for the comments! It's based off the Bombardier CRJ-900
  12. No harm was done to the Learjet - bar prehaps the seat covers when they saw me coming!
  13. So, having been deposited by the RAF in Selaparang just about in one piece, I look towards the next aircraft they have planned for me. The exercise they are conducting out here must be large to warrant such an aircraft..... A fully fuelled and armed F-35B Lightning II. And they were giving it to me for the flight, to test out high-low-medium-low flight paths as well as system functions. Do they know the reputation of the chicken I am nicknamed after?! It's a nice enough looking aircraft - although not as good as the original jet Lightning!
  14. As some of you may recall, in my last ATWC leg I ended up with a rather expensive piece of equipment - namely a KC-97, bought for around $1 million. Not a bad price considering what is was, but not required all the same! It's taken me a few weeks of flying around Asia, tempting various clients and prospective purchasers, but eventually two days ago I managed to get rid of the aircraft - for $1.2 million. So a slight profit, although very minor once fuel and landing costs were taken into account! So, with only a day to get from deepest China to Indonesia, a few favours h
  15. Great leg David - and welcome to the forums! I'm having a little bit of trouble in Cilacap getting rid of something so it may be a day or two late!
  16. I'm slipping. Used to be one of the first in but not anymore! Put me down for anything Joe - not too fussed again!
  17. Not been as bad as was reported thus far. Currently inside (obviously) but outside is around a 50km/h (30-odd mph) wind. Think it got up to around 80kmh here in Portlaoise. Not over quite yet though
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