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  1. Having said for a few year's I'd go, I got the closest I have been yet - East Grinstead! Looked like a fun day
  2. Great PIREP Steph - nice choice of aircraft! Always liked absailing myself
  3. Excellent flight Tim. Very good idea that drop-off!
  4. Don't worry - the tanks were full before departure! Cockpit light is now fixed (replacement bulb), but I fear parking fees will be a little bit high. Time to escape!
  5. Thanks for the comments folks. It was good to get behind the yoke again after so long! The QW 146 is a very nice aircraft I have to say. Very handy for short trips and it can be flown a little bit more aggressively than a 'normal' airliner of that size!
  6. Part 2 All the airlines [China Eastern, Shandong and Shenzhen] were booked up for a direct flight, and any option via Beijing was both unappealing and hideously expensive. GA isn’t really my cup of tea, but the military was out (even for the baton), so it was looking increasingly likely that I would have to hire a GA aircraft and face the 500nm leg in something a lot smaller than what I am used to. After about the third day of scratching around looking for a suitable aircraft (and someone who didn’t mind travelling to Nanjing for the day, I was approached by an older ge
  7. Looking at my logbook for the recent past shows I’m out of practice. Not just a few months, but years. The last flight I managed to complete was for the last Around the World Challenge! Since then, I’ve been busy, mainly with college but also with work as a train timetable planner. So, flight sim hasn’t had a look in! However, as planning has become my profession (at least for a placement and summer job!), this should be easy enough. As it happened, a local Chinese carrier was evaluating the Avro RJ85 in the area, and were happy for me to get a seat and some stick time again. The o
  8. Great leg Rosario! See you in the lounge. Just leaving the hotel
  9. Excellent leg there Jess! Glad to see you are on the mend as well!
  10. Nice combination there Beejay! Must get planning my own trip!
  11. Nice leg there Beejay! More suitable to get into than a Harrier that I did once....
  12. Ah the blockbuster. Shed loads of explosive in a dustbin, with the aerodynamics of a dustbin! I'm sure the Germans are well able to defuse these by this stage. Not a job I'd want!
  13. Quite behind the times here - belated Happy Birthday John! It appears you had a good time
  14. The A350 now has lithium-ion batteries and has done for about a year at least now. Airbus took a bit more time to protect the battery following the 787 issues
  15. Nice lighting on that aircraft - at least you had it!
  16. Registering as a chairty enables them to do business but on a not-for-profit basis. Vulcan to the Sky is a charity, as are a number of different organisations that do similar things. So they would qualify under 2 and 6
  17. The charity has been going for quite a while now and have the wing ribs for the aircraft and the remains of RL249 http://www.peoplesmosquito.org.uk/
  18. Nice shots there. We've all been there regarding photos!
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