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  1. Boeing knows a thing or two http://bcove.me/onu9o143
  2. for those interested in creating their own scenery here are a few pics that show Miami photoscenery at a normal definition , you can get much sharper if required but file sizes get large, but be warned once you get started it is addictive, I am a recent convert, thanks to a few kind ears on Mutleys , but once you get going there is no stopping one, the world is literally your oyster. You have a great airport in rubbish scenery???? well with a few clicks you can change that!!! A lot of people say photoscenery gets blurry below 3000 feet , this pic is at 1000 feet and this is at 300
  3. Thanks peeps, since doing this trip i was dissatisfied with the Florida and Miami scenery so have now redone that to a far more satisfactory level. The level of definition available is amazing I am sure you could see someone reading a newspaper if you wanted such a high level of clarity, personally I find that having it all gin clear at 1000 feet is a nice balance between file size and fsx speed.
  4. my first airline job was a partime one as baggage reclaim occifer for Pan Am so know hat used to be involved nowadays with everything being computerised it is much easier to find stuff, in my day one had to telex all around the place starting where the passenger had first boarded then changed planes and where the flight went afterward . sometimes it took a lot of ingenuity to find an errant suitcase. in my holidays and again just before I came to the uk I worked for a dive boat that took tourists out to the sea gardens from Browns boat yard. the tourists had dive helmets attached by an umb
  5. Hi Geoff, yes it is, sadly cannot get anything in higher definition, but it is a whole load better than the original M.S. offering I am now going to redo the Miami region as there i can definition high enough to see a newspaper in someones arms.
  6. This is a flight that i have done more times than I care to remember, of course back then Miami airport still retained a bit of character, now as most, it is a concrete jungle a vestige of its former pioneering self. Here we start at the AA gate: no that doesn't stand for alcoholics anonymous mind you having created the following scenery , i was forced to imbibe in the odd glass. Dai , no need for you to say anything trying to join the 9 o clock freight dog queue ahhh finally there what happens next? Ahh yes is the transponder turned on? climbing out, that used to be 36th str
  7. when I started simming, not long after Pontius there were only a few great names for a/c creation one was Mike Stone who was a household name a demi-god who created all manner of a/c the other was Milton Shupe. these guys portfolio of a/c are available free from the following links, so if you want some really rare a/c that you cannot find elsewhere give these a try. I have no idea if they will work in fsx or previous versions but hey a Bristol 170 freighter??? or a Curtiss AT9 jeep??? or a Scottish Aviation twin pioneer??? just the mention of those must be getting Dodgy Allans juices flo
  8. britfrog

    Island of Gozzo

    incredible definition, worth all the effort, compare this with some of the professional stuff that one has to pay for and there is no comparison, well done
  9. britfrog

    Island of Malta

    thats an incredibly high definition Mike, well done , amazing scenery, however i need to know, is the rumour true, that the propellors of these a/c are driven by a rubber band ? ) all joking aside i wish my Bahamas project could have his definition just superb!! worth every effort that you made.
  10. i flew the ngx for a few hours last night between a couple of dense airports as well as carrying out missed approaches at dreamworks perpignan i am getting on average double the frame rates that i used to get, it now runs very smoothly indeed. There is no doubt that pmdg have learnt a lot from getting the T7 to work. Kevin if you didnt do a uninstall new install (as per their sticky) i would advise that you do. Chris, i look forward to seeing how you get on with it in P3D
  11. well i downloaded what i thought was the upgrade from my account , i chose repair, 10 seconds later it had finished and i see no changes at all all files are still dated last year, so the installer doesnt work for me. did a full uninstall and re-install and it appears that all is ok now No performance issues here Kevin in fact it appears smoother than before i am getting low 30's at perpignan which i am firly sure is better than before.
  12. It is always something I have wanted to do, recreate the islands where i spent my first 20 formative years, As the M.S. version was worse than grim. Getting down to actually doing it was a bit more daunting than I expected. Getting your head around the various programs which enable you to make photoscenery is far more difficult than actually scanning the area that you want. The manuals (for want of a better description) are less use than a chocolate tea pot, and written in a language that i dont recognise as English. To be perfectly honest I was at the point of throwing the towel in if
  13. britfrog

    Best C130?

    the captain sim c130 that i have works fine in dx10
  14. well two weeks ago we had 140 m.p.h. on the coast and today LFMP is predicting 60+ knots so another great day for crosswinds or hovering exercises. i must say it was entertaining walking the dogs this morning, +3 degrees and blowing a hoolie
  15. Michael how the hell did i get the impression you were from Ireland????????? I ajolopise profusely i must be going colour blind as well as senile but again many thanks and as you say no more duff fsx scenery
  16. I would just like to thank publicly a few guys who have helped me immensely and selflessly over the last couple of days and in doing so I have to say it epitomises the real value of Mutleys forums over others that will not be mentioned. I have been engaged in a project to recreate photscenery of my home islands of the Bahamas and had come across a program called Sbuilder, which isnt bad , very easy to get working but a bit buggy, but there are plenty of videos on you tube to help you get going. but due to the bugginess and slowness of Sbuilder i asked on the forums if anyone knew of a
  17. Chris , believe me if I can figure it out and use it , it has to be simple
  18. Thanks Michael , i have downloaded 1.03b Kevin gave me the link, and I am currently trying to RTFM but the FM isnt that helpful, it presumes a certain amount of prior knowledge. I need to be able to get an image from GE but I dont have the necessay info, I think Kevin referred to getting it from Internet explorer but i binned that years ago, any help would be appreciated, to set up fset to work with GE I now am using SBuilder 314 (the 64 bit version) and can now download about 25photos each containing around 12-1400 tiles after that it gets so slow it is best to compile and start again.
  19. Call me an old fool , a romantic, whatever, but I hate to see aircraft in a boneyard awaiting the scrap metal merchant who in my eyes is raping an aircraft for his profit. Maybe because i was brought up on Thomas the tank engine stories , that steam engines breath life when steamed up, maybe it is because i was destined to love aviation before I was a twinkle in my dad's eye, but I hate to see a once proud aircraft rotting away, especially when you consider that it has in its life carried thousands of youngsters in its life who were all dreaming of flying and perhaps becoming pilots one day.
  20. I think the basic concept may be possible in years to come, ok at the moment the weight of the batteries would guarantee the a/c would be earth bound, but give it a few more years of development on solar cells and lightweight batteries and who knows? the only thing that i think could have been done better is the instrument panel which could do without the "games center" and be a bit more "professional" or realistic but hey, its fun!
  21. well i know a man who has the graphics and the projectors if you have a barn big enough, from a c130 Sim - - - - -
  22. britfrog

    RIP Spock

    i remember watching the original series on a b+w television in the Bahamas , if memory serves me it was on before mission impossible, looking back it was not all that good with people rushing from one side of the ship to the other to fake turbulence etc but it certainly stood the test of time and i guess there is hardly a person alive today that hasnt heard of start trek that has to be a good testament to series. We could do with some Spocks in politics in the modern era with his wisdom and calmness and logical responses, three things that are totally absent from the modern politicians
  23. we flew over to Amiens in 1999 to see the total eclipse, we took a whole load of things to enable us to see the actual eclipse, welding goggles. smoked glass. pin holes in card, you name it and we had it. we had arranged months ahead to have dinner at the restaurant under the tower so when we flew in with 7 other a/c we had a cheery wave form the owners, (they had intended to go on holiday that week until we booked 35 places) .I have never seen Amiens so busy there were army helicopters from Belgium, bizz jets from all around he world etc but it was cloudy!! and so we sat in the garden and 5
  24. I have to say someone has put a load of research into this thing. It looks great fun too , very stylish and modern who knows someone may make it really fly one day and at 5 euros expensive it aint http://www.lionheartcreations.com/Blade http://www.lionheartcreations.com/sitebuilder/images/2015-2-14_19-24-9-289-1400x802.png
  25. As it is currently free I installed LAAP on my small a/c fsx and i have to say it is very good and most engaging I have used the live atc.net site in the past to modify the atc files for the aerosoft airbus which make it that bit more realistic (american accents and clearances dont sound right when flying around europe), the only sad thing is that you cannot get any recorded uk atc because it is against the wireless telegraphy act of 1776 , but you can get irish atc which sounds the part. I did have a couple of small issues but a quick email was answered almost immediately and a solution give
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