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  1. this may be worth a try http://laap.atc.free.fr/accueil-en.html check out this video, i do love the guys voice , reminds me of the chef in the muppet show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56X1v_J3pWs#t=11 i record the atc on this site as well http://www.liveatc.net/
  2. now you know why there are palm trees on the shore in Oban (no joke!)
  3. like Joe I have never heard of these guys, however there seems to be an enormous difference in quality between the photos and the video
  4. I agree with you john I thought they were taking the piss when they want you to pay for an extra licence however they are the only company that creates new textures, all the rest use what is in fsx if you want my tuppence here goes: Opus, jack of all trades master of none, they mess around with all your views and add a few more , i want a weather prog, not something that adds a whole load of stuff besides the weather, i had it a couple of years ago but went off it Active sky, absolutely great at the moment it is arguably the best out at the moment having just leapfrogged past rex ho
  5. Thanks Eddie I had a p.m. from kevin that set me right as well, but i have soldiered on with sbuilder for the moment just because my feeble brain cant take in too much at any one time, and i think i have made a reasonable job for my first effort albeit with a few tasks to do to get rid of some boats that microsoft insists on placing in my harbour.
  6. Ok Dai if only it were that simple! i even have autogen at 0 and ground scenery cast shadows at 0, the weird thing about them is they go along with you
  7. Medication????? i dont need medication I need help !!! so my trickcyclist tells me but i have trouble hearing him with all the other voices in my head
  8. I am currently on a long term project to make a photo real bahamas islands, as no other bugger is interested in doing it, however while testing stuff i was "attacked by these shadowy things. there can also be rectangular space ships cruising a;long as well the strange thing is they disappear if you change the angle of your view up or down Has anyone any ideas on how to get rid of them??? or to stop it happeneing as it is slightly off putting to see a large jet shadow overtake you when you are on short final!!
  9. Thanks for that I have just spent 2 days trying to find it, all the links on fs developer are dead.
  10. I am currently doing a photoscenery project and am using this prog however i need to recompile after every 8 panels, does anyone know a less buggy program which does the same job ? but better
  11. I already have 2 very good planners in the form of flightsim commander and the aivlasoft EFB, in fact i am using the efb less and less for a variety of reasons . However i had been thinking of getting pfpx until I came across Simbrief which effectively does the same thing for free , like pfpx it takes a bit of setting up but it is pretty comprehensive http://www.simbrief.com/home/?page=home all you have to do is regsiter and enter your a/c it is worth a go!
  12. the logistics of this a/c are mind blowing check out this pictorial collection http://gelio.livejournal.com/193025.html
  13. no disrespect meant M8 but P3d brings my system to its knees with the sliders only in the middle. I am now not going to bother updating p3d again until either I upgrade my p.c. or they release the 64bit version yes there are a few interesting little things in p3d that we dont have in fsx with dx10 but the problems , for me , far outweigh the small benefits, i rather have a stable system that I know i can fly for any length of time to any kind of complex airport, and complete the flight without a crash or lack of memory warnings.
  14. in recent times I have bought all my computer stuff from Amazon, not only do i get a trouble free returns policy but a phone call , sms and email telling me when to expect delivery to the hour!! it is all about prfessionalism Scan dont have that, however it is a pity amazons tax payers dont have the same professionalism
  15. nice vid interesting to make a comparison with it and the ftx video of melbourne made 6 years ago!!!!!! must say precipfx are on my shopping list when they do something for the ngx or airbus
  16. going to dx10 with steves fixer is a no brainer, once you have done it you will wonder why you didnt do it a year ago. it will not affect greatly the fps you get in fsx but what it does do is allow the GPU to run the graphics without it going through the cpu so you immediately get a far smaller chance of a crash as it allows fsx to retain more VAS for its own use. steves shaders fill in the blanks and correct some things that were not finished properly by the m.s. team when they were creating DX10. when i first stated using dx10 2 years or more ago I used to go back occasionally to see wher
  17. Unlike the little tin pot tossers that run the west at the moment this man is, and will be great, I knew his father who was equally an amazing man to juggle world politics as he did. Now his son has a pivotal part to play with IS causing the sh-t they are, and they have just upset the wrong man. King Abdullah profits from not only the best education one could get , but he is world wise, and also deeply humble like his Dad was, and a true man of the world, hope he succeeds in his quest. In case you dont know him watch this video, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/jordan
  18. alan seeing how germany is running roughshod over all of europe at the moment I am not so sure they did lose the last war their economy is a lot stronger than the uk's all you have to do is look at their car industry as an example. who is the largest uk owned car producer? (this will surprise all) as for footie , well we had to wait 70 years too win wimbledon again maybe history will repeat this as well , however i cant see it there are far too many prima donnas on the uk pitch, and too few good uk born players. but we live in hope.
  19. flightstore did have their products on sale but that is now over but they are still available here: http://www.flightstore.co.uk/flight-simulation-c499/scenery-add-ons-c543 however no doubt if you wait a bit someone else will put them on sale the product is good so may be worth the wait
  20. this reconstruction of how the pilot reacted is truly frightening, he had absolutely no idea of what to do , just look at the sidestick inputs, and throttle movemets quite bizarre , and totally suicidal. If only AF had reacted to this accident and called in all the a330 pilots for retraining as transasia has done after the Taiwan crash I would feel a lot happier, especially in the light that nearly 50% of the taiwanese pilots failed their oral exam with a whole load of other off on sick leave , no doubt spending the time reading the flight manuals, in preparation to sit the exam
  21. Dai thanks for that i will give them a look Mikael, sometimes one cant see the obvious besides i already have about 20 motorcycling videos on you tube , cant think why i didnt think of them, I must have been having a senior moment. Thanks
  22. well hats off to the froggies , after all they are still proud of their country even in defeat, unlike the uk where it is against the law to even fly the union flag and if you do one of your neighbours would rat on you as it is against his religion. My wife and I were lucky enough to be given a personal tour of the library of Strathfield Saye by the actual Duke of Wellington who has receently passed away it was full of books on, and written by, napoleon. the iron duke made it his job to know his enemy!! and thereby know his weaknesses. My wife asked to borrow one or two , he simply smile
  23. i have used this site for about 30 years http://euro.wx.propilots.net/ there is a drop down menu on the top left just run down to metar-Taf multiple in/out and type in an airport code nothing beats it
  24. my god the future has caught up with me beam me up scotty !! oh and by the way Dai its called a rallonge (forgive the spelling , i only speak french fluently , writing it is all together another thing)
  25. go dx 10 and blurry scenery will be a thing of the past
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