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  1. Just thought I'd leave a note here regarding my recent experiences with head tracking technology. I've been a long time user of TrackIR5. Its been good to me over the years in day to day use, but; a) it is very expensive (cheapest now is about £180) b) the kit is a little fragile in places Now (b) has been proven to me by my daughter knocking the IR camera off the top of my monitor. From the outside there is no apparent damage but it just doesnt work now. I can only assume an internal connextion somewhere has been compromised. So, I started looking for
  2. Doesnt make sense to me, I suspect most attendees at Cosford will already be simmers, and therefore probably by now already either FSX:SE or P3D users. That's no market to sell FSX:SE to, and I think they could reasonably expect to get quizzed til the cows come home about FSW by people there. Not to mention I thought Aerosoft had let slip that the entire team had been 'let go'?? So I doubt there's anyone employed who could come? Perhaps we should have a little bounty for anyone spotting a former FSW dev team member attending privately? :p Jokes aside, I hope the dev team do manage to
  3. Rather amusingly, one of the testimonials from last year used as promotion on the website for this year's show...is none other than... Ooops!
  4. Let me do some for you now Those were just a couple I took in my favorite time of day for flying...
  5. Quite surprised there has been no discussion of this really yet! Here's my take on it... Excellent colour corrected photoscenery for NL. I'd prefer it to be 0.6m/p rather than 1.2 m/p but file size is important. And yes this is photoscenery in multiple seasons - something no other dev has really gone for other than Earth Simulations, and they couldn't make it economically. To get an entire country in good photoreal with seasons, and watermasked, for the price they're charging is astounding - there's a whole LOT of work involved in that alone. The entire country is autogenn
  6. I havent had an email... Will definitely be going though
  7. We could build you one for way less than 1600....especially if you have any existing components ti reuse?
  8. No need to be concerned Jess, fast 6Tb drives are well under £200 these days, plenty of room on those for a continent or two
  9. This is a total slamdunk I would like to think that Darren and Vikki were somehow involved in secret in the background...it would be hugely apt for them to be involved in a project like this given the extent to which they pushed the boundaries with Earth Simulations....
  10. The Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer is a utility every P3D4 user should have.... Enables you to manage scenery lib and addon.xml addons in a truly integrated fashion - and helps build addon.xml files for legacy scenery that you want to keep out of the sim folder structure Highly recommended!
  11. Im surprised no-one else has tried carrier based flying. I got the VRS F18 superbug yesterday and am considering signing myself up for an avionics course - its seriously impressive. Only had one go at putting her down on a carrier deck so far, its tough
  12. well I bought it anyway so I'll have a shufty and see the difference
  13. Only because I was intrigued by the VRS Superbug being released for P3Dv4, I started delving into the murky world (or ocean) of sim carrier ops. I found a few wonderful pieces of art vis a vis carriers... http://simworksstudios.com/products/navy/uss-midway-cv-41/ http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=3618 (Team SDB are I'm told expecting an update to the 32 bit RFN Tacan gauge used for some advanced carrier features to a 64bit version shortly) https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/2618/fsx-aircraft-carrier-uss-nimitz/ Air
  14. I dont know Joe, we need an in depth review to be sure!! K
  15. Cheers Joe, For me I'm hearing about weather redraws (something which AS appeared to have eliminated or reduced considerably), weather radar compatibility and how many of the SF3D features actually require use of their internal weather engine to work. As I understand it now, reports are indicating great cloud representations, but immersion busting weather redraws, wxr incompatibilities with PMDG etc (there are others as well, be interested to see how other study-level aircraft fare?) and having read the manual quite a few of the 'lesser' functions requiring the REX weather eng
  16. Is anyone reviewing this please? Seeing conflicting initial reports coming back on this? Cheers K
  17. Excellent news Ray thanks! Hope your health stays good, merry christmas to you and your family FSXPP is a must have addon for me. I'm particularly pleased re the updated effects (I disabled them after suffering precisely the problem you described at EGGP) Kevin
  18. I'd like to see him just use the available tools and development paths that other renowned scenery developers do, but that's probably unrealistic as he'd have to relearn so much about how to do them that way I suspect... maybe not - I don't know? I think the best we can expect realistically is what we're getting now, if it evolves into something better the beers are on me next year at Cosford. Here's hoping I get to pay out! Gary doesn't HAVE to do any sceneries, and like you say, the queue of other developers lining up to do max quality UK airfields is NOT huge. OrbX were a decent
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