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  1. Fully working, tested only yesterday. Install CD and install guide, no original packaging sorry. Currently: £101 - http://www.scan.co.uk/products/ch-pro-pedals-usb-3-axis-of-control-plus-axis-locking-for-racing-gas-brake £110 - http://www.flightstore.co.uk/dvds-sims-c346/flight-sim-controls-c800/rudder-pedals-c502/ch-rudder-pedals-p2418 Anyone interested? Courier with Hermes will be max of £7.49 (depending on final package weight - may be able to get it done for £5.50) Cheers K
  2. Hi Brett, yes that's unfortunately an issue with the base GenerationX photoscenery, not the Shawbury Fields autogen. Someone really needs to do an up to date photoreal UK scenery that's accurate and masked, unlike I'm told the MSE product, unless anyone has good things to say about that? Cheers K
  3. See framerate of 50+, was the same also in the majestic dash - all on an o/c'ed 2500K. I think this was kind of where Earth Sims was headed, but the scenery quality was so far advanced of the capabilities of both the sim itself and the hardware of the time. In P3D3.1, with the power of a 980Ti, this scenery gets eaten for breakfast and looks fabulous This is with just about everything on max settings-wise and DSR set to full 4k res. Darren and Vikki, if you're reading this, it's still damned fine and better than ever... Cheers k
  4. Sorry from me, did edit my post to remove the support content earlier On topic, its worth noting I bought the scenery following Iain's reply so the thread was worth continuing Cheers K
  5. I must have missed that Iain, thats pretty special I agree, I'm not aware of (any?) other devs who offer that...no doubt hangar acolytes will be quick to post a long list of others I dont know about either EDIT: All sorted Emailed myself the url code with the download link and got it through my sim PC Thx K
  6. Hi Iain, hope this is taken as its meant - as constructive criticism The one thing that puts me off buying to be honest is the rather poor quality screenshots. They look quite blurry and low res, I would imagine not actually showing your product off at its best? Cheers K
  7. Chris, every time I tried enabling NEUK in P3D3.1 scenery library it crashed the sim? :s
  8. oh no! My next uncommitted £500 goes on SWMBO. I dont think that internal audit would consider another card in SLI to satisfy that requirement . Besides, the bloody thing is a) performing flawlessly at abominably high settings; and b) so big I couldnt physically fit another in my current case Fortunate, eh?!? Cheers K
  9. Are they now properly corrected in 3.1 Chris? I've only just installed and got the card running nicely...and nice is a massive understatement...tremendously smooth and detailed flight, even with DSRx2 and all P3D3.1 sliders at max, with ai and boat traffic at decent levels - maintaining 30fps in the Q400 with slinky smooth TIR movements A great investment!! Let me see what I can do with NE next time.... Cheers K
  10. Iain, I have to admit I was confused by all the updates listed on your forum, it seemed all geared to orbx users and not photoscenery, so I'll take another look now, thanks K
  11. Shhhh! Your wife might find out! She already did, I'm posting from the afterlife
  12. Just spotted that OCUK have the 6700K on offer at £269 (10% off) for boxing day if anyone was considering a skylake build...bit out if the question for me now at this time anyway
  13. Seriously, the pic doesnt do it justice. Its heavy, big, with a serious metal backplate and as previous commented on, a trio of what can only be termed turboprops on the front! Its almost as fast as the heaviest oc'ed 980Ti on the market but priced at nearly the cheapest. Normal price is £569 and currently discounted to £509....
  14. <img src="http://fs-snaps.com/images/2015/12/24/image.md.jpg" alt="image.md.jpg" border="0"> :O this thing is a monster!!! lucky me :)Thanks to OCUK and DPD delivery for getting it to me on xmas eve... great service!
  15. Members discount?? :s Good review, I've owned Vox for several years now and the correct CAP413 phraseology is a feature no other ATC program (bar vatsim) offers. The one downside I have encountered is that for some controlled airports (eg Liverpool EGGP) under VFR conditions, VOX does not recognise the correct airspace and offers unrealistic and incorrect ATC for an uncontrolled airfield instead On the plus side the developer Tegwyn is quite open to emails and does offer updates. They aren't as quick as major players like ASN etc but you wouldnt expect him to be... Note in some circums
  16. The scenery is designed to be maximum realism. Even the manual states that performance under current good specs should not be expected to be stellar.ES sceneries were not designed to be run at maximum sliders unless you have a real cutting edge rig, so expectation management is probably your real issue, sorry, not the scenery per se I will agree that ESI installer is a real pain though now that ES have ceased trading and there are no servers for it to communicate with
  17. Damit, just when I go to the in laws over Xmas for the week!
  18. Sounds cheap, just make sure they support the necessary connections refresh rates and colour specs otherwise it will give you a Christmas present of stutters
  19. I've been looking a lot over the past few months at 4k tvs and trying to work out from people who use them exactly what features/specifications are necessary for a good experience. As well as full native 4k resolution, the ability to support that resolution at a variety of refresh frequencies, HDMI 2.0 support and full YUV444 implementation appear to be necessary. In a nutshell, (and much simplified), without those you are likely to get display induced stutters and poor display colours in some situations. How you set up the sim with your tv obviously affects results as well but hardware wit
  20. No probs so far with any addons so far, using trackIR, opusfsi, A2A, q400, ngx, uk2000 airports, much photoscenery.
  21. A little apprehensively, I decided to hit install on win10 yesterday morning. Seemed to be quick and painless, and I am rather surprised that I'm getting 45-50fps in the Majestic Q400, when in exactly the same scenario with exactly the same settings but under win7 immediately before installing 10, I was only getting 20-25fps. I've not read anything that would substantiate why technically this might be the case and I was certainly not expecting it, but its one particular gift horse I'm not looking in the mouth! Has anyone else had similar surprising results, or may be able to offer an explan
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