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  1. 2nd one: Eurofighter Typhoon at 62000ft over the Himalayas.
  2. I liked the old way. The suspense was great, sitting on tenterhooks, waiting to see who would win. I also think that system is a fair one: while one opinion does decide the vote, that opinion uses a set of guidelines that are applied equally to all entries. Voting might be more popular, but for me, the two systems are essentially the same: one provides you with the illusion of helping decide the vote, the other doesn't; either way somebody else decides. Personally, I'm more comfortable with one person or the admin staff judging rather than voting. Yes, I understand that for new entrants lo
  3. Pic 3: A321 in formation with a 787
  4. Pic 2: Mango 737 touching down at FACT.
  5. Pic 1: Come at me bro! 737 vs A321 in a classic face-off.
  6. I second the Admin's only option, for the reasons Alan stated as well as the fact that I thought it was more impartial and focused on the theme.
  7. (Note to self: read the the title next time) 3rd one. Another shot of the Rollus Mirage 2000.
  8. Number 2, a Fokker D.21 over Lake Okutama.
  9. Thanks Brett. I like the P-51 as well, though the Mirage 3 is my favourite of the lot. There was a P-51 flying as well. Absolutely beautiful aircraft to see in the air.
  10. Greetings all! Here are a few shots from this year's Zwartkops air show. The event is an annual one run together with the SAAF museum, so we get some great static aircraft to look at. Unfortunately I did not get any flying shots because the cell phone doesn't do those very well. I do however have a few video clips from AAD 2014 that I completely forgot about (you can see them here: https://www.youtube.com/user/KwaggaType/videos). If you're wondering about the YouTube username: after a lot of time spent trying to think up a name that wasn't already in use, I finally gave up and used th
  11. 2nd one, a Sequoia Aircraft Falco F8L originally built in Italy, now sold in kit form in America.
  12. First one: A Macchi 202 and a Macchi 200 over Rome.
  13. Great leg Dai! Enjoyed the story and the shots.
  14. Great start to the challenge. What mischief will follow I wonder?
  15. 2nd one - one light, sporty Italian machine versus another:
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