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  1. 2nd one. That's 90-mile beach in New Zealand below.
  2. First one: a Mirage 2000-5 chasing another Mirage 2000-5.
  3. Thanks Kieran. After the race Malta, and knowing I had flight coming up, I decided to take the FW190 ahead and fly to Lugano to grab a little down time and catch up on some needed maintenance, the race having taken quite a bit out of the old bird. That, and mulling over ways to beat Sharon in the next one. Come morning and I arrived at the airport to collect the baton, finding Kieran doing a thorough check of the 737. Kieran duly wished me good luck and I made my way, baton in hand, to my aircraft for the leg. Or rather, I didn't actually have one: it turns out that the FW190 needed
  4. Great PIREP Kieran. You made that look easy.
  5. Great PIREP and a fine looking aircraft! I reckon Sharon might have wanted to get behind the controls of that one if she saw it.
  6. Jan, I got it on Simviation. Just do a search for 'Black Widow' and it's the third one down (22.50mb called 'Northrop P-61B Black Widow Updated Package').
  7. Thanks John. Apologies for not continuing your story line. I looked at it and thought; "Yeah, can't quite match that." So I stuck to what I know. Still, on the next section we are going to Switzerland and that's Bourne territory, so maybe I can come up with something there. Glad you liked the race, though.
  8. Thank you for the kind feedback. As for Sharon - and you did not hear this from me - she did rig the first one (Actually I rigged it for a photo-finish ). But there's always another race...
  9. Considering the peril faced by my fellow pilots, I'm thinking it's wise to use something military, fast and armed to the teeth. That, and I spread a rumour that any attempt to mess with the baton would result in a missile up the wazoo. One smart-arse started prattling about air-to-air missiles and such. I reminded him that, listen mate, a heat ignature is a heat signiture and failing that - the mirage has guns. That settled the argument. I collected the Baton from a relieved looking Rem and headed over to the Mirage 2000, not quite able to resist a certain prickling sensation between my shou
  10. Great post. Really liked it. It reminded me of a song by Syd Kitchen called Africa is Not For Sissies. This leg proved the point: when in Africa, pack sunscreen, shorts and as much heat as you can smuggle!
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