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  1. It’s been awhile since my last flight. Much of this has to do with factors beyond my control. As you may recall,I last free a VC10 into Easter Island with a bunch of RAF guys. Needless to say that once the aircraft was parked up, the real party began. It was the morning after the night before that really caused me issues. I can only describe my eventual awakening as surprising, and deeply unpleasant. During the night out, I’d become separated from the RAF guys and as i wander the streets in search of my hotel room or my next drink, a friendly local took me under their wing and helped me home.
  2. I’m excited by this, but slightly concerned about my current storage solutions. Time to go shopping I think (oh the horror!)
  3. Hi Johan, using three monitors is pretty easy these days. The 1060 GTA offers you plenty of options. You’ll need at least one DisplayPort adaptor if your monitors don’t support DisplayPort. To run three monitors, first plug all three in to gpu. next start up the pc and open the NVIDIA control panel. Look for the option to configure NVIDIA surround. Click on this and follow the instructions for set up. You can even sort bezel correction here. Once done, click apply and you’re done. Run your flight sim and select the new resolution. Hope this helps
  4. While I’ve been recovering from my first flight, it seems the world hasn’t been kind to my fellow pilots. Russian spies, giant octopuses and a host of other issues remind me that the ATWC isn’t for the faint of heart, or indeed the sober. It’s a fact that was brought home to me late last year when I found the police raiding my home in Austria, certain I had in some why aided the boss with his “accounting practises” following on from the Paradise Papers release. To my good fortune, many of the Austrian police were woman, and an Austrian police woman can brighten any holding cell. That was month
  5. Happy birthday John. Have a good one.
  6. I know this aircraft. It’s Austrian Based. I believe it’s at Zell am See. Pretty sure its saying 'Feed me Seymour!‘
  7. Hi Martin, That sounds like a pain. Quick question though. What operating system are you currently running?
  8. OI! I was working. My boss told me to try that. It was good too! All in all it was a cracking weekend, and I’m just about recovered now. I was great seeing Steph again, and because I didn’t get a chance to say so on the weekend, I loved your boots. bring on next weekend.
  9. It’ll be a great show I’m sure. Oh and Steph, I’m bringing chocolate goodies from Austria!
  10. Oooooh, now that is interesting. Given how much digging around I’ve been doing lately with AI, this could a great upgrade, if they get it right.
  11. @mutley, I had hoped you'd missed that. I'm going into hiding until Andrew gets fed up of looking for me.
  12. Cheers Matt, Not sure what the issue was there as the pics were all fine last night. Anyway, I've reinserted the pics. Jess
  13. I get a phone call. I hate phone calls. I hate phones if I'm honest. But phone calls have a way of being especially annoying. In a world of text messaging, emails and Facebook, the phone call usually only means one thing to me. It's that time again. Shuddering, I answer the insessant ringing and as expected, it's the Boss, Mutley himself. Without a chance to say anything, he blurts out my instructions and puts the phone down. So it begins. I'm now a veteran of the ATWC and it's beginning to show. My hair is noticeably greyer in place. It's not just my hair that's showing signs of we
  14. Great read, and for the record, I'm in the Bar!
  15. Happy birthday to my favourite whinging old bastard! Love ya maaaaaaate.
  16. Happy birthday to my favourite 6 foot plus Swede. ita always good spending time with ya!
  17. Wow, it finally happened. 7 years it's taken. Great stuff.
  18. Right. I haven't flown with the gear down yet to test, but I have spent time with the FCOM and QRH today to see what Airbus themselves say. The QRH is useless, mostly because Airbus didn't perceive any pilot would willfully fly with the gear down. Likewise the FCOM offers little advice for pilots deliberately flying with the gear without some kind of issue. It offers lots of advice if you have to fly with the gear down due to failures, but again, Airbus figures the three bloody green lights and ECAM gear page offers pilots the best way to see the gear is still down. F
  19. If you're stuck joe, put me down for an extra flight. I have a thing for long legs!
  20. It's not welcome at the bar for me! Apparently I have a 'limit' on my card of one drink and my argument that a litre of Bacardi was 'one drink'wasn't accepted.
  21. Oooooh Chris, that looks gorgeous.
  22. It's available for both fsx and P3D v3 & 4. Interestingly the price is the same regardless of sim type. I guess the threat of a pilot using the dc-6 for a type rating are vastly below the 747 pilots. I'm on the fence at the minute though.
  23. Here you go Ozwookie. XP11 Japan. Enjoy. http://www.alpilotx.net/
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