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  1. Yes consuming can be nice. I jus try not to do it to much. IMO, we live in a world where consuming has gone crazy. I now have a fully new PC. The box is only half a year old. I hope it lasts as long as yours.
  2. This is what the FTX global vector user guide says: "FTX Global VECTOR directly competes with UTX, since we replace vector data contained UTX. You have a lot of configuration options available using the UTX configuration tool and we recommend you take time to explore what works best when FTXG and Vector are combined. More than likely most of the features of UTX will clash with Vector. If you are wanting an interim landclass solution until openLC arrives, then it is entirely possible to disable all UTX features except its landclass layers. GROUND ENVIRONMENT"
  3. Yeah, I studied the subject a bit and found out that I needed an active converter. Since they are not cheap, I did what everyone else does: I bought something I didnt really need But a new 24 inch monitor is nice to have and the 19 is now being used for all the extra stuff like Plan G, pop up panels, gps et. The old monitor I've thrown out, so it will probably be exported to Africa and end up in some open dump site.
  4. I cant get myself to install the Bt-67. The twin radial sound of the DC3 or C 47 is so nice. One of the addon sounds to M. Jahns C-47 is really good. I'm a musician, so sound is important to me, and turbo props loops are not my favorite "symphony". But looking at the team who's made the ac, I have no doubt its a winner.
  5. It would be interesting with a comparative review: UTX2 EU vs FTX global/vector/OpenLC
  6. New Zealand South Island is very nice and so is PNW If you get the Carenado C185, do yourself a favor and install the optional FDE patch made by Bernd Stolle and available from Carenado. It makes the AC acceptable. The freware pilatus porter is IMHO a better option and as another option, Lionhearts Piper Pacer is not bad and you can see that packages in the back of the AC. Lionhearts Quest Kodiak is an awesome bush and cargo plane. And finally, I personally find that the freeware DC3 by Manfred Jahn to be better than the justflight.
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    The orbx freeware Bowerman Khqm addon scenery is very nice and the area is beautifull. It would be a nice airport to come back to. Its on the coast between Seattle and Portland
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    How big is medium? Hvat about Bremerton? If you want a payware airport as your base, Skagit is a little bit bigger than the others but its in the north of the Region.
  9. Their thoughts about P3D devellopment is "interesting" and far from what the main man believes (hopes)
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    PNW is a lovely addon. Its really a GA paradise with changing landscapes all over the region. The ORBX regions simply install above the global and vector, so there wont be any issues. Some of the freeware airports wont work in P3Dv2 some will. You´ll have to take a look on the ORBX forum. I dont know about steam.
  11. I was trying to connect 2 vga flat monitors to my Geforce GTX 760 video card. My old card had VGA and DVI-I outputs, so it was no problem. The new one has DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI and DP outputs. I can make 1 vga monitor work on the DVI-I output using a passive adapter. I have a passive DVI-D to vga adapter and its not working, so I read on the net that the DVI-D will only produce VGA signal with an active adapter. What about the other 2, the HDMI and the DP, can they be adapted with a passive adapter or do I have to buy an active one? Thanks in advance.
  12. I accidently saw that the Swift was available from FSPilotshop: http://www.fspilotshop.com/aeroplane-heaven-globe-swift-p-5422.html?osCsid=lu1q8aqhksjuol1crqbhbjovn6 So I bought it, installed it and took it for a swing. First impressions are very nice. Its easy to fly but not dull or boring. 20,US$ is ok. It looks good. Perhaps a bit to shiny and fresh from the paint shop for my taste, so hopefully someone will make some different liveries. This is the kind of bird that I like to fly when I´m just in the mood for a swift swing around and thats often the case. After a complicated ILS appr
  13. I changed office today. A lot smaller but more fun and its always nice to be on Saint Vincent. AC is the new Swift from Aeroplane Heaven.
  14. Just a quiet day at the office. Over the flat plains of western Poland i even had time to read a bit of Arthur Hailey before taking a nap.
  15. Yeah, the sound... Realistic, but its the only thing that makes me think twice, BUT, then again, its easy to find another twin turboprop sound package.
  16. For those interested in this classical turbopropliner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne7k-ip2gv0&feature=youtu.be Its a wee bit long, but ok, I´ve been waiting for this one since December. It was told to be out in February, but at least it looks like its almost finished. In P3D we have very few quality turbopropliners. Besides the Majestic Dash, which is a tad to procedural for me to buy (maybe another time) I cant really think of any, so this one is velcomed.
  17. Realair has been a top develloper since ages. Their fs2002 Siai Marchettti was a milestone in AC, the fs2004 and fsx versions just got better. The Scout was my favorite and still is an absolute top bush plane. After buying that one, I stopped liking other publishers AC. Unfortunately they produce few AC and what they make now is not really my cup of tea. I´m into other kind of AC. I´ve never liked the looks of the Duke, but reviews like this one makes me think. Maybe i should change my likings.
  18. So you guys have a dream, to live near a noisy and busy airport, not sleep very much, not having many conversations, just spotting planes and sniffing avgas and jetfuel? I like geeks
  19. Thanks John. Its more or less what i thought and it make sense. I can remember in one of the chapters of "Ice Pilots", where the pilot takes the C-46 down to just a few hundred feets agl saying that its what he likes about flying in North-west territories, there´s no restrictions. Stunning pictures of this brutal bird roaring along a deepfrozen landscape as if it was a small GA plane.
  20. Doesnt it have something to do with legislation? I mean we cant have all these jets flying around at 5000 feet
  21. Thanks for your replys. I didnt know Flightaware, but googled and found some answers. Example: luxemburg - Amsterdam, Fokker 70, 54minuts, FLP 220. Aalborg - Copenhagen A320 33 minuts flp 220 I will look around some more. I found it difficult to find turboprop flights with altitude. JG, thats a good story.
  22. Hi, I´m sure someone here can answer this: what is the typical cruise altitude for short distance airline operation (100 - 200nm distance). Something like London to Belfast/Dublin/Glasgow or Brussels to Munich/Zürich/Hamburg (just examples) *Turboprops like Dash 8 100 / Fokker 50 /Saab 340 *Smaller jets like Embraer 145 and 175 range. I have recently started flying this kind of flights but I´m not really to sure how high i should go. Anything above 18000feet seems to much, just going up and down again without any level cruise.
  23. Allardjd, forums are like that and FSD has prepared the ground for themselves. If you read german and Spanish flightsim forums in the FS2004 days, you could find many hate posters. In comparision, this has been a very educated and relaxed version. Even though I have unsubscribed their newsletter a long time ago (more than once), I continue to get spam from them.
  24. No, I will not buy more stuff from FSD and not just because of the flipped over colors. FSD is famous for lousy costumer service and problematic AC. Especially in non english forums you could find many angry costumers. They had big problems with foreign costumers and were directly agressive and patronising. Personally, I FS2004, I bought a few AC and had trouble with some. When contacting FSD, I either got no response or or negative response, so, of course, I stopped buying from them and I´m far from being the only one. To me, it looks like they are are a dying specie and maybe its becaus
  25. Oh- my This ORBX - P3D thing is starting to get me tired. Is this something that P3Dv2.4 should install??? Maybe I should quit P3D and use FSX instead???
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